I want to be Rapunzel

There was a time in my childhood when my mom would braid my hair and I would get so angry cos I used to totally hate it. They weren’t considered stylish you know. One day in my fit of anger I went and got a super short haircut cos I was sick of plaits and decided to keep my hair short for a very long time.  Aaaaghhh Who knew plaits / braids would become such a rage 20 years hence. Today I see these beautiful hairstyles and I yearn for long tresses to try these out.
BTW I am growing my hair just to try these hair trends :-) I have been successful to some extent but still a long long way to go. Atleast I can try some of these styles. But girls if you have long hair then u have to try them out.
Gone are the days when moms used to run after us to comb our hair and shout at us for unkempt look. I  guess some lazy girl decided to make it an ultimate style statement.
Do not worry about a bad hair day. The messier the better.One person who really rocks the messy look is Blake Lively. I love her hair, the color, the style, the look. No one can do messy like her. Infact I have yet to see her with a clean look.

There are some other celebrities too who have taken up to this trend case in point is her Gossip Girl co – star Katie Cassidy who looks equally good in this side plait. Didn’t I say the messier the better !!

Elizabeth Olsen in a casual loose side plait

Beyonce in a side swept plait

Fish plaits – another version of these braids and I love Ashley Tisdale wearing one in a messy fashion

If you do not have the desired length to try any of the above styles like me, don’t loose heart there is some hope for people like us. Now I am glad I can try this Jennifer Morrison style. French plait the front section of your hair and then tie it up in a ponytail.

Jennifer Morrison braided ponytail

How cute are these plaited updos worn by Emily Blunt & Jessica Alba

Emily Blunt

Jessica Alba

And if you don’t want to be messy, go for the clean plaited bun look

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez

And for girls who don’t like to tie their hair try the Waterfall braid. Isn’t this one so cool especially if your hair is colored in 2 tones.

or just plain 2 tiny braids running thru the hair with a side parting like blake or mid parting like Drew

or just french braid the front section and tuck it behind with a bob pin like Jennifer Anniston.

Aren’t they gorgeous and a simple solution for a bad hair day.
Go on try these out next time you go out for any occasion cos this hair trend is suited for all times. I am desperately waiting for my hair to grow so that I can try them all cos for once I would like to hear:
Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Let down your hair!!


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