i – fit !!

Hi Gorgeous people. Hope you are healthy and glowing. I am just back from my run and thought would post some fun stuff today. Yeah boys, its for you too.

Who says exercising is boring. If done with style, it can become pretty interesting.

So, I wanted to share with you one of the best and stylish gifts I received from a very dear friend.
I love music and am a fitness freak so this certainly suits my style.
An IPod Nano Touchscreen Watch.

Apple is known to dish out the most stylish products  ( I am a newly converted Apple freak though I am still learning to operate a MAC machine. Phew!! )and this one is again one of the coolest things from their stable.

I Pod Nano Touchscreen

Isn’t it cool?? The I Pod is available in various colors but what really gives it a lift is the cool wristband with variety of colors to choose from.
I pod Nano costs close to $129 and the strap which is an accessory item is $45 approx.

If you thought that was it , hello wait I have more to tell. One of its best features which makes it my favorite product is the Fitness feature

The built – in accelerometer gives you real time feedback so girls you can track how many calories are you burning in that jog. Cool na?? In the gym you can connect it to the Nike + Ipod compatible machine and track ur workout. Also it stores the history so you know how much better are you getting by the day. Set a goal and just turn on the music.

You can clip it on to you while on that treadmill or out for a jog.

Ain’t it super cool? Its music and fitness meter together combined with Style. I love running on music. It pumps me up.
My IPOD must haves these days for the gym or a run are
1. David Guetta
2. Rihanna
3. Katy Perry
4. Lady Gaga
5. Pitbull
6. Black Eyed Peas
and ofcourse who doesn’t love the Bollywood numbers :-)
Yeah Yeah I am a regular girl with regular tastes.

And if you are not running just wear it as a mere watch. It is so Sporty and Trendy. I wear it most of the times when going out for my day errands.
I got mine in blue. What do you think??

Did you know that running is one of the best ways to loose all that abdominal fat and you thought its just killing yourselves with 1000 crunches a day. Running helps you loose anywhere between 450 – 800 calories per hour depending on your speed. So you must go running at least twice a week.
A word of caution : Running can hurt your knees so you gotta be careful. Start slow.

So Clip it or Strap it on to u  and Go Girls!!
Have a Superrrr Sunday. Will see you all next week.

Stay healthy & glowing.

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3 thoughts on “i – fit !!”

  1. I soooo love the i-pod watch!! Ofcousre, for its functionality..besides the color! Please keep posting more of such cool/freak gadgets. Also, I love FUF!! Would be so nice if u can make the website’s interface a little mobile frenly. So that I can feel the fashion on the move! :D

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