I feel pretty!!



I am currently so into off the shoulder stuff. Mainly because of my hair. I like the way the hair grazes the shoulders and it kind of makes the whole look very slick and chic. Even though my shoulders and arms are my pet peeves (we all have something we are not very fond of) but somehow in my mind I am making it work for me. I mean I would have so wanted to have those chiseled collar bones and perfectly tones arms but you gotta work with what you have girls.

I recently saw this movie on NetflixI feel Pretty“. I also recommended it on my insta stories. I am sure a lot of you would have seen it. Somehow that movie resonated so well with me. It’s really funny and light hearted comedy meant for mindless chilling sessions but the message did get stuck with me. I am not kidding I have already seen it 3 times. The message is really simple – Its all in your mind. It is about self love. If you love yourself and see yourself as pretty and confident that’s what world will be forced to look at you like and it will attract all the possible things you have ever wanted in your life. It’s so simple yet the most difficult thing for us to do but believe me its true. I practice it now completely. I do not let other’s opinions bother me much. As long as I am feeling good and pretty, I no longer care you see :)

MY friend said – You shouldn’t wear white , it doesn’t look good on you
My response – Hmmm Interesting Point of view but I feel pretty in it :-)

Sending you love and good vibes. Have a freakin awesome week and do check out my pictures









Top : Abercrombie & fitch , Pants : Zara, Sunnies : Aldo, Shoes : Aldo

Lots of love

Shonima Kaul

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