How to smell fresh as Flowers this Summer



Summer is here and its just getting crazier by the day. Besides drinking a lot of water and keeping oneself hydrated, the most essential thing is to take care of your Body Odour cos it gets sweaty, sticky and yeah hell lot of stinky winky. And girl you don’t wanna be the one people are running away from Right? So you gotta be a little extra careful when it comes to BO and lets be honest who doesn’t want to smell fresh like flowers. Well, we all do. So here are a few of my suggestions for keeping yourself smelling fresh whole day long.


You will start your day by smelling fresh as daisy but by the middle of the day, the freshness might start drifting away. I know we all wear perfumes and thats one of the best ways to keep you smelling really good but what I am gonna share with you might just help you to keep that freshness and scent lingering longer from dawn to dusk.


So if you wanna keep the scent lingering longer..

1. It is best to stick to the same/similar notes or  family of scents e.g. if you wanna smell like flowers keep everything you use right from your Shower Gel to you body lotion to your soap and mists in the Floral family. I find floral scents work really good in summers and smell extremely fresh so I stick to florals during summers.

2. I have also observed that you would need a double cleanse (usually we do it for our faces) but it works very well for rest of our bodies too, meaning I first scrub myself with a soap and then top it of with a Shower Gel, it just gives me that added perfume

I am currently using the MORINGA line from The Body shop. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving it. Its delicate floral freshness all day long.


body gel

3. Once you have taken a shower, immediately apply a body lotion (preferably something floral) on your damp skin within 3 minutes of taking the shower. It will quickly get absorbed and you will smell good

body milk

4. Before Applying your perfume spray some body mist on your bare skin especially under your arms and everywhere else
body mist

5. I am a big fan of Talc, I know a lot of people may not be using Talcs but I CANNOT do without it so I apply a generous amount especially under my arms one because it smell so good and secondly it keeps the sweat in control
I use YARDLEY ROSE Talc. Yardley talcs are the best according to me

6. Now apply perfume on your Pulse points – wrists, behind your ears, back of your knees and side of your elbows. The Pulse points generate body heat that helps in intensifying the perfume. I know its a habit to rub our wrists once we have applied the perfume but DON’T cos then it won’t last longer.
PS : I dont just stick to pulse points rather spritz it all over including my hair :-)
I stick to the same floral family for my daily use. I am currently using ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren and SPLENDOR by Elizabeth Arden.


7. Also if you may know perfumes work differently on different skin types – They are generally stronger on someone with oily skin and good circulation and tend to evaporate soon on someone with drier skin so skin’s moisture level has a tremendous impact on the longevity of your skin so keep it well hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water and applying a rich body lotion (Point no.3)


8. It could be difficult to carry big perfume bottles in your bag so I recommend getting an Atomiser bottle so that you can stick to the same scent that you applied in the morning and keep spritzing it whenever you feel its fading



9. Last of all I can’t event stress on maintaining personal hygiene. Ensure no hair on your body so regular waxing or shaving especially under your arms and private parts cos girls that can get really stinky. If you are not getting time for that waxing appointment, Razor is your best friend but for heaven’s sake keep your private areas clean and fresh. I also recommend Intimate wash for your Vajajays rather than using soaps e.g. Clean and Dry or V Wash.

According to me nothing is more sexier that smelling good. So follow these steps and add that extra oomph to yourself this summer


Happy Summers

Shonima Kaul

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