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Hello Hello Hello my lovely people. I have been thinking for a very long time to start a section on Fitness on the blog only to be scrapped by my ever waivering mind. Recurring thoughts like why would anyone want to listen, I am no expert OR what should the content be… should I just stick to Fashion blah blah blah have inundated my small brain several times. Nonetheless I let that small voice that somehow manages to make a point amidst this cacophony of doubts reach my heart and decided to take the plunge. Since I have always maintained that this Blog is an extension of me and Fitness is an integral part of my life, it makes sense that I share that aspect with all of you. It will just be some stuff I have learnt in my struggle with Fitness over the years, frustrations, motivations and the never ending quest to achieve that perfect body (which i have come to believe is a myth cos we are never
I am still not very sure how will it pan out but I promise to be as true to myself as can be so let’s do this.

To Begin with let’s just start with
How to stick to an Exercise Regime

Many people get inspired to start with an exercise regime but over the time the steam starts to fizzle out. Let me be honest it can be pretty daunting to keep up with the routine. You start with a lot of motivation and vigour and it all seems easy in the beginning but then you hit 8 week mark or maybe 12 weeks in some case and the motivation starts slipping away. You don’t seem to be getting the desired results , you become lazy, you prefer to sleep for than extra half an hour than be slogging you a** in the gym, you start making lame excuses like no time cos I have a very busy schedule and people who have all the time in the world are the ones who can keep up with gym routines. This is very normal and natural to happen. Even I have gone through such phases. Some are strong and able to come out of this mindset while many give up. I thought I will give you some tips that I follow to keep up with the routine.
1. Keep a Personal Trainer
I know it might sound stupid cos you will say I would like to first test the waters & why pay extra cos I am not even sure if I will continue. Believe you me a trainer will make a whole lot of difference. Keep the one who is motivated enough to motivate you. He should be pushing you, calling you to come to the gym. Trust me if your trainer keeps calling you, you will be embarrassed and go to the gym

2. Be consistent
Precisely the reason I put up that first point. It helps you do that. I know there are days when you just don’t want to go and you are not at all motivated to do anything.. STILL GO. Even if it means that you couldn’t do as much as you were supposed to. It’s perfectly fine. You overcame the biggest challenge – TO GO TO THE GYM

3. Be excited.
Tell your friends about how you are feeling. Tell them how challenging it is but you still do it. Their astonishment at your enthusiasm and encouragement will help you feel excited about what you are doing. And you never know you might be encouraging them in the bargain to take up exercising if they are not into it or maybe push their limits to the next level if they already are. To be honest, my brother is a newbie at the gym but he is so excited to tell me about his routine that I get motivated to do even better and push myself.

4. Take progress pictures
Please pay attention to this one – Scales never tell you the true story. I have learnt it with experience. I used to get very upset to see my weight cos I just lost 5 kgs in 5 years. 1 kg per year..That is ridiculous right???
But listen I was never overweight. I lost 2 kgs immediately but then I hit a plateau cos my weight was just not moving & I still wanted to lose some more. I never realised that in the bargain I lost inches and gained muscle mass so therefore the scale was not showing much difference but my body composition had changed which I was refusing to acknowledge. Till one day I saw my pictures that were as recent as in 2012 and realised a vast difference in my appearance. Its imperative therefore to take pictures and compare your ownself. Before & After really works. Yes, scale makes a difference if you have been overweight and trying to knock of serious amount of kgs but if you are close to your optimum level and still looking at the scale to measure your progress then you are being plain stupid.

5. Reward yourself with a new gear
Its very important to look good to feel good. I have always believed that clothes change your mood. For heaven’s sake gym is not the place to wear your old , ill fitted, worn out lazy clothes. Let’s be honest its a place of vanity. Please pay attention to what you wear. If you look at yourself in the mirror & like what you see, imagine what wonders it will do to your self esteem. Go get a sexy bag, a sexy bottle and some sexy tights & great shoes. You totally deserve it

6. Do not compare yourself
We have the tendency of comparing our progress with others & then get demotivated. Please please please understand we all have different genes, body structure, fitness levels and areas of strength and weaknesses. It is how we are. Do not think that you are not doing good because the other person did 2 extra reps or lifted 10 kgs extra. It never works like that. I do keep a watch on what others are doing to push myself and get motivated. However, if i know I can’t do it cos it will injure me, I will not do it. Know your limits and then push yourself. I also have a tendency of looking at some people on Instagram and then getting upset that I can’t do this but then I also make myself understand that I do not know of the struggle & sacrifices it took for that person to reach there. Am I willing to go that distance?? If not then might as well shut up. Look at other people to get inspired not demotivated.

7. Join a group or get a workout buddy
Even if I have been working out for a long time now and am a regular.. I do get bored to go to my gym and do the same routine. I therefore try to workout with a friend sometimes to keep it more interesting & competitive. I also regularly change my workouts so that I do not get bored. Sometimes I go to his gym to workout.. It changes the scene. Similarly try looking out for a buddy. If not try group sessions. Play a sport, Zumba, Yoga, Functional fitness classes and now Crossfit which is the new in – thing. Go join a class for sometime and then maybe come back to your gym after a break & then go back again. This way you will break through the boredom, meet some more like minded people and also shock your body so that it doesn’t get used to a routine.

These are some of the things I do to keep going & these are from my own experiences. I hope they help you in some way. So once you have started do whatever it takes to just keep at it. Even a 15 min slow walk on a treadmill on days when you just don’t want to get up is good enough. Push yourself to do it unless you have an injury or you are sick but take out time and incorporate fitness in your lifestyle. Guys its not a momentary fad. It’s a lifestyle change so don’t think. Get, Set , GO….

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Stay Healthy
Shonima Kaul

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