Hello, Doctor!!

You all know by now that I am crazy about shoes and bags. I never kind of get enough of them. What has caught my fancy for quite some time now (as in months) are these boxy silhouetted bags also known as Doctor Bag. So obviously I started my hunt (aka research) for them and realized that I am not the only one obsessed. Apparently the fashion industry is calling these the new IT bag!!
I love it when such things happen :-) Serendipity Is it !!
Image source : Harper Bazaar
Honestly I didn’t know that these were called Doctor Bags but believe me when I first set my eyes on them that’s exactly what came to my mind. Remember those old movies where the doctor walks in with his bag and takes out his stethoscope from it. There seemed to be an uncanny resemblance and later I came to know that these babies are called Gladstone Bags commercially known as Doctor Bags for obvious resemblance.

Interestingly Gladstone bags date back to 1920s when men from professions like Electricians, plumbers, lawyers used to carry these as light handed luggage pieces. These were considered to be very convenient to carry owing to its shape which could easily store tools, papers and clothes. A single magnetic clutch in the middle made it user friendly in public places. As times passed by, the bag became more and more compact and the fashion industry took over.
From what used to be a working man’s luggage carrier it has now moved into the luxury world as a woman’s closet accessory. Many versions have been created from high quality leather , silk and even perspex like seen in Burberry’s latest collection
Image source : Burberry
Image source : Burberry
The idea of a Doctor Bag is simple. It’s meant to be big and the mouth has to open fully so that you can store lots of stuff inside. No wonder I love it.
Image : hunoofsworld

A bag that is classic, reminds of old world charm and worthy of making a statement, many designers have included these in their Fall Winter collection. Some of my favorites :

Alexander Wang Fall 2012 Doctor Bag

Image : lovethatbag

Celine Doctor Bag

Image : purseblog

Louis Vuitton Two toned “East West”

Miu Miu Spazzalato Doctor Bag

Image : Purseblog

Miu Miu Suede Bag

Image : Pursepage

Zara’s latest collection will be having some of these bags incase you do not wish to splurge

Zara Doctor Bag $100 approx
Zara Doctor Bag $ 150 approx

While I mull over which one can I afford to pick and when , what do u guys think of my latest obsession!!


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