Hello 2013 !! My 13 for 2013

Hello everyone…. And we meet again.
So did you all party hard. Did you bring the house down with all the shaking and stirring. Did you make sure that you will not regret anything that happened in 2012 and yes, did u make resolutions for 2013. Grrreaaattt!!  So we are on track :-) How’s 2013 treating you so far?
I wish you all a very very happy 2013 and hope this New Year brings lots of happiness, prosperity, good health and good luck. Most Importantly I surely hope that FUF continues to inspire you to stay fashionable and stylish always. With this post we begin our fashionable journey into 2013. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Happiness & Style!!

I will just begin with 13 trends that I am predicting for 2013 and I promise not to gloat if some of them come true :-)
These are just some of the things I am expecting to see in this year after studying the Runway trends during fashion week and trends seen in 2012. Many trends from ’12 are expected to carry forward in this year as well but some are new. Let’s begin :

1. Color of the Year
Pantone every year declares the future color of the coming year in the month of December and this year it is EMERALD GREEN. OK I agree this is not a prediction but a fact so get ready to see and incorporate a lot of green in your wardrobes. I am not complaining cos I love this color.

It will be interesting to see this color taking center stage this year in make up, accessories etc. Sephora has already taken out a limited edition make up line based on this color

You could refer to Ombre eyes article on my website to see how can you wear this color on your eyes.

Though Emerald green is definitely named the color of the year, I am expecting to see another color make a huge splash this year. It could be “MELLOW YELLOW”
A beautiful sunshine yellow that’s inspiring a lot of designers so I will not be surprised to see it around. Infact I am hoping that it is seen around

2. Stripes  & Dots
In terms of patterns I am expecting Stripes to be seen a lot in this season. A tricky pattern especially not for people with girth errr.. i meant curves ;-)
They can be seen in Horizontal, vertical, slanted, Black n White, colored etc etc. Vertical stripes are more forgiving compared to Horizontal so will be a safer bet for many who do not fall in size 0 bracket and I am assuming there are many.

Polka Dots seen in 2012 looks like a pattern that will stay but who is complaining. It’s a cute girlie evergreen pattern after all

3. Short Suits
Whether or not this trend comes into play this year, I am for sure gonna try this one out. For someone like me who loves loves loves wearing shorts, this trend can be a good option to look semi formal and bang on trendy. Look out for Short suits this season, very uber, very glam

4. Sporty Luxe
Seen in 2012, this trend might just stay cos it was seen on a lot of Runways. So girls, take out those caps, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Racer backs cos this trend is unbelievably cool.

For more on this trend refer Sporty Glam

5. Leather
Another carry forward from last season, we may not have had enough of it yet especially the leather pants.
For more on this trend Refer Can’t Run, Can’t hide

In terms of Beauty some of the trends I hope to see
6. Bold lips are here to stay
I think they are very much here to stay and we will continue to make statement with them

7. Strong Brows
Girls get ready to buy a brow kit cos this trend looks very strong for this year. Be it with nude lips or bold colors, it is time to pay attention to those brows. Next time you go for threading just ensure that only the extra uneven hair is plucked out. The bushier the better is the mantra.

8. BB Creams
Be ready to be wooed by all the best possible brands cos this seems to be the new buzz word for beauty manufacturers. BB creams came into light last year. Refer my article Beauty meets skin care . Almost all the leading brands jumped the band wagon and came out with their own versions. Expect this to continue. The latest seen promoting it with a vengeance is Garnier.
I have used BB cream and I will recommend them fosho if you looking for very mild coverage and do not wish to use heavy foundations especially for summers. So look for one in a store near you & select a good brand.

9. Nude Nails

Nail Art might go  a little easy with Nude Nails coming back into fashion. So you could just get back to basics and give those flashy neons and bright colors some rest. Even nail Art could be done using earthy nude colors.

10. Statement jewelry
Definitely staying in 2013 with maybe more funkier versions. More of chokers, ear cuffs could be seen

11. Heels get shorter, pointier & Gladiator heels maybe!!
Well, I am not liking at all to predict this trend but kitten heels seem to be making their way in and toes are getting pointier. Me definitely not liking but a respite from those killer 6 inchers for some

But one trend that I am surely waiting to see is the gladiator heels
Funky right!!

12. Document Clutch
Yes oversized clutches get a new name maybe because someone out their figured you could now carry ur I Pad and Important document in this fashionable accessory and it doubles up as a clutch. How cool is that so yeah look out for Document clutch which is nothing but an Oversized clutch.

13. The Great Gatsby Influence

Last but not the least the hype for this Baz Luhrmann (of the Moulin Rouge fame) movie is impalpable. It’s already creating waves in the fashion Industry and with Miuccia Prada behind the costumes & styling , be prepared to get engulfed with lots of Gatsby drama. Channel your 1920s glam with this Gatsby influence that is bound to hit you. Expect pearls, feathers, diamonte hair bands, clips, flapper dresses, chandelier earings & loads of vintage glam.

So these are my 13 for 2013. Let’s wait and see what do we have in store. Till then have fun and keep reading FUF cos I will keep updating you with the latest and continue inspiring you to stay stylish


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