Hellllo Dorky!

While those who HAVE to wear prescriptive glasses abhor the idea for the fear of looking nerdy I must  admit I have been a big fan of glasses for a long long time. I love the cool intellectual sexy vibe about the look. The whole geeky goes sexy thing works for me.
However, a lot of it depends on how you wear them and whether you have picked up the right one for your face else you could end up looking like a grandmother at a very early age in your life.
I remember I was hit by this fad during my college days which is many many years ago & I would get my eyes tested every time I came home for a vacation from my hostel. I would insist upon the fact that I do have a number which the optician can’t seem to detect. Seeing my impetuousness about getting a pair of glasses or the poor optician’s over eagerness to get rid of me ( I am not sure what it was) he finally relented and said I could wear a lens less one if I sat a lot in front of my comp. Even if I detested the mere sight of a comp during those days (cos believe you me I barely managed to pass in my Computer science exams) I confidently proclaimed my love for computers and went on and on about the number of hours I have to spend in front of the screen. Finally after winning the battle with my optician, my father & my mother I happily returned to my college sporting my newly acquired & treasured conquest. It’s better that I end my story here cos what happened later was extremely embarrassing What I thought made me look sexy and intelligent ended up being the biggest fashion faux pas. It was a pair of Granny glasses. Even my Grandma would have been wearing a better one than those. I finally gave up when this guy I had a secret crush on came up to me and grinned saying What’s up Grandma??‘Boom’ there you could hear my heart shattering into million pieces & that was the end of glasses in my college time. I never touched them again during my stint in college.
I later procured a pair when I started working. My excuse this time was genuine I really used to spend a lot of time in front of the comp & I still hadn’t given up on my love for glasses. This time they were much better & they lasted for quite some time :-) As with all fads they die with time so did mine.
Recently I am once again drawn to my old love after seeing a couple of celebs wearing them. I chanced upon this pic of Eva Mendes as brand ambassador of Vogue and was convinced that I must indulge in the fad once again
The hottest craze currently is to wear those big dorky frames and make a statement. To some the trend may seem bizarre cos who in their sane mind would want to fake a perfect vision but cmon it’s all in the name of fashion and we are having some harmless fun. Just helps you to look different and perk up your look once in a while This retro inspired look is meant to make one look sharp, intelligent and desirable. Now let’s be honest who doesn’t like a smart girl ? Atleast you can fake to be one Right!  The frames can be as nerdy as you would want them to be (there are different tiers for nerdiness) and Black though the most common & universal color is just an option.

With her new flick “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani” in the offing the very stylish Deepika Padukone is seen promoting her geeky avatar which I am loving and am hell bent on getting one for myself. Just looking for the right frame. Once bitten twice shy!!

This trend is becoming so massive and is seen on so many celebs that many major brands like RayBan, Vogue, Superdry have introduced these nerdy retro glasses in their collection. There are some hardcore really serious oversized geeky ones which is not for everyone. I feel you got to have the face & a serious fashion sense for those

but then there are these hybrid between geek and wayfarers frame style. That is the one I am looking for. Could be big or small depending on what suits my face. While I continue with my search, have a look at some of the sexy women sporting the style.

Looking at these beauties don’t you wanna say Hellllo Dorky!!

What do u think about this trend. Me superlike this Geek chic trend.

Eva Mendes, brand ambassador of Vogue eye wear. Geek Chic trend, nerdy glasses

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