Head turning Danglers!!

If I were you even I wouldn’t blame you for thinking how crazy I am for having a new thing to obsess over every few days but what to do that’s how I am !! Now I am not the one to wear earrings but wait didn’t I say that about necklaces and bracelets and flats and blah blah blah. Hmmm Never mind.
So the point is that currently I am full on obsessing over oversized Statement Earrings and I do not mean those cheap looking frivolous ones. I am talking about these colorful baubles that are making my heart go boom boom. They look extremely pretty worn with dresses and I have still not found the one that is the right size, right length and right color. So while I hunt for them, have a look at my latest inspiration.











Anyone knows where can I get these kinds especially yellow colored ones.. Do let me know, would appreciate some help

Have a great day!

Lotsa luv

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