Happy Hour!!



I firmly believe that every woman has a sensual side that she tries to hide from the world at large but secretly somewhere it makes her feel the happiest about herself. She is very well aware of the power she can hold on others, while exposing that particular aspect of her being yet many of us choose to lock it up inside us for the fear of being misjudged or misconstrued.

To me, a Sensual woman embodies femininity in all its magnificience and is absolutely mesmerising to those around her. She possess a certain sparkling quality that radiates from Inside out. Sensuality at its core is enjoyment -enjoyment of experiences, people, intimacy and most importantly enjoyment of being at peace with oneself. A sensual woman is vibrant, happy and vivacious who finds opportunities every day to ditch her serious side and have a blast whether with a group of friends or simply in the confines of a four wall.

As a woman we have an innate gift of flirtatiousness, playfulness and softness. You may have lost touch with it but this is your sensual feminine power –  so Reconnect with it. Today, even if its just for an hour, embrace your sensuous side. Instead of focussing on your flaws why don’t you turn the attention to your loveliness.Shower yourself with praise and affection.Begin today by accepting and appreciating the person you are.
Take a long hot shower. Slather your skin with a sensuous lotion. Ditch your frumpy trousers and don a sultry dress with sexy stilettos. Spritz the most sensuous perfume and step out like a true enchantress who creates a powerful magnetic pull. You are radiant, magnificent, splendid valuable jewel. It’s your fundamental nature to shine!!

I got a similar feeling when I received this Missa More long top. I knew just exactly what I had to do. From the moment I stepped inside “The Little Door” I felt empowered.

PS : A special thank you to the nicest people at “The Little Door” which btw is a rocking place in Andheri W with awesome energy. So if you haven’t been there yet. I recommend you do.







TLD Collage








Long Tunic Top : Missa More

Pics by : Ushmi

Stay Sexy!!
Shonima Kaul

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