Happy Go Lucky Sunshine Yellow


Last 2 days a couple of people have passed by me and turned back to give me a second look and the ones who are standing and having a conversation with me seem to be distracted so I am wondering to myself that maybe I have grown prettier or something *wink wink* 

Oh well it didn’t even take a second for the bubble to burst & I realised that it’s not me but my nails that they are checking out. Aaah Never mind :-)

I am extremely experimental with nail colors and just when I thought I had tried all the possible colors along comes this bright sunshine yellow shade that has been giving me some serious nail polish envy. I saw it at some major catwalks this year and have spotted it on many fashion lovers so it was time to try it out on myself. I am mighty pleased plus it’s making heads turn. I think its a perfectly happy shade for Summers. What do you think.. Will you give it a try???

PS : I am wearing China Glaze “Happy Go lucky” & Happy I am :-)



Have a great day people

Stay pretty


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