Happy 2014 – To the New !!


Yay!! 2014 is here and I am so excited to make a fresh start with all of you. I want to thank each one of you for supporting my little blog, following me and joining me in this journey of style and fashion. I am inspired to do better and keep bringing my best to you. Thank u for visiting my blog and taking out little time from your busy schedules to check out what I have to say. I meet a lot of people who say that my little initiative has made a lot of difference in their lives and inspired them to take care of themselves. It’s the biggest compliment I could receive and it truly means a lot. Remember If I can follow my dreams in whatever small way so can you. Just never give up!!
Wish you all a great 2014 full of prosperity, health, happiness. May this New Year bring the best in your lives and do not ever underestimate your strengths & doubt your own self. Like I say live each moment of your life like you really mean it & do everything in style or don’t do it at all!!
I never make resolutions I just follow my heart :-) Just thought of sharing some of my favorite Style shots pictures of 2013. A special thank u to Dhanika & Jaina for making me look that good in pictures. Happy New Year once again. I love u all.


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