Hands Free !!

Bags are an integral part of a woman’s life. They help us carry all our junk and yet make us look so stylish. Throw in a bag with your casual outfit and it immediately lifts your style. I am sure all of you have a couple of them in your wardrobe and so do I but the ones that I love the most and find extremely comfortable to carry are the sling bags or the crossbody bags or the satchel bags. You can call them anything. Look at the advantages – your hands are free and they are closer to your body so ur stuff is more secure.

They have been there for a very long time but I remember them as being these small ones that people used to carry while travelling to keep all their important documents like passports ,visas, money etc etc and it would NOT fascinate me at all. Coach slings became very famous with women for some reason ( i still don’t know why) but then came messenger bags for men or MURSE as they were called and I was like What !! Till I saw David Beckham sporting them and It put all my doubts to rest. Now that man can carry off anything and make it look so sexy. Can u imagine anyone else in a business suit rocking a sling bag!! I luv luv luv him Sigh!!

Ok focus back girls :-)
My affair with cross bodies started with David Beckham sporting these but sadly they were a man’s accessory. Till I saw Priety Zinta in 2005 flick  “Salaam Namaste” and I knew I had to get this coolest accessory.

Priety Zinta in Salaam Namaste

I remember getting the same Pink color messenger bag from Singapore and carrying it everywhere with me including to work haha. Wierd I know… However, these messenger bags then re appeared as more stylish crossbody bags for women. They are shoulder bags with adjustable length so you can wear them either way. I like to wear these across my body.

I was thrilled when I first saw them on Renee Zellweger. For me it marked the return of these bags and they were looking even better. She is seen carrying them almost everywhere. I personally love the sporty look a lot and I practically live in my gym clothes during the day time. These bags go so well to complete the sporty or casual ensemble from the style perspective. Practical purposes, your hands are free to do other things as they are just slung across you.

Renee Zellweger carrying TOD’s Pashmy Luna Nylon bag

I am not into small bags at all unless it is an evening clutch (Even those are getting bigger in size. See my post on Give your Shoulders a break). Maybe that’s the reason I do not like the small Coach sling bags or anything like that. They are very much available in smaller sizes but for me the big ones are more stylish.

What I particularly love and works for me is the broad belt and the masculine look owing to their size just like the messenger bags so they look sporty and chic at the same time

If you are a Jeans and a T Shirt kinda girl then these are for you. Just wear them across and see how your look changes. But remember to get the big ones not the small passport holder kinds.

Renee with Prada City Calf saddle bag

They look great during the day when you running some errands

Christina Ricci with her balenciaga bag

They are extremely practical when travelling and can increase your Airport style quotient. How convenient are these when your hands are free to do other stuff like fill forms or pull other luggage etc.

Victoria Beckham carrying LV Fox tail tassle bag

They look very nice with Shorts and T Shirts

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing her LV Messenger bag
And if you want to wear them as shoulder bags – Miranda Kerr style with shorts

Miranda Kerr wearing Chloe

or Leighton Meester style with jeans

These are available in various material from leather to suede to Nylon to cloth. You can chose any.
Recently Fossil is making some really cool cross bodies. I particularly love the one below including the color. Should be approx for $200. They also have a good range in cloth material

Fossil Crossbody
They have a wide range of selection
Fossil bags

I also like

Steve by Steve Madden

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

But if you are into smaller ones then ofcourse Coach, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors has some cool ones.
I am a fan of big cross body bags. I have a couple of them but my favorites are this LV Bag and my recent purchase – Henry Bendlel

Aren’t these cool?? What say girls.

Have a good week.

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One thought on “Hands Free !!”

  1. Kipling has some good ones too. Although they are not very dressy but very practical. Much lighter to carry than their leather counterparts.I got a bright purple pink as a gift.Not to miss their signature teeny weeny cute monkey hanging alongside.

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