Hairy Tales of Rihanna

Don’t you ever get bored of looking at your own self everyday. I don’t …Well I am a narcissist hahaha.
Just kidding, but seriously do you?? I feel It is very important to keep re inventing yourself after a certain time otherwise where is the fun?? You could do it in various ways by changing your dressing style, your make up etc but the best way to change a look drastically is with your hairstyle.

Just take out your pictures from previous years and see how you have transformed over the years and how your hair makes a huge difference. If you have been wearing the same hairstyle or cut for the longest possible time then yes its time to try out something different.

I experiment a lot with my hair. I have gone from long to short to bob to pixie to bangs and then back to growing them long because I get tired of the same look very soon. Let me tell u its not been easy to grow my hair from bob to the current length but I am not giving up cos remember I want to try all the plaited hairstyles I told you about in I want to be Rapunzel.

I know it requires a lot of courage to change your look drastically especially going from long hair to extremely short. Also you are not very sure how would it turn out.

My Tip : If you are contemplating to go short with your hair and are scared to do so, try in steps. eg. if you have waist length, go to shoulder length first, from shoulder length go a little shorter and then go for the final kill like a crop or a short bob etc. That’s how I did it.

But I would most definitely recommend every girl to experiment with her hair. You can try with colors or bangs but the best is to play with the length. How different can you look with the same length of hair!!

One celebrity who is known to experiment the most with her hair and is best known for her edgy looks is Rihanna. I love the way she constantly keeps trying out new styles. I wish I was as daring as her.  She has become a fashion icon with her ever changing looks and her experiments with colors. I still don’t know how is her actual hair. Check out her transformation over the years.

2005 – long & light brown hair. This is the most generic look I have seen of hers maybe because she had just set her foot in the industry with release of her 1st album Music of the Sun.

2006 – I think these are her natural curls. What do u think girls. She looks like a true Barbadian girl here

Wearing waist length extensions after the release of “A Girl like me” album in 2006

Posh beckham was known for her bobs which was named POB after her till Rihanna came and gave it a twist. The regular bobs changed  to asymmetrical ones. I loved this hairstyle the most on her and I did try it out on myself so did a lot of girls. This was in 2007

While asymetrical bobs was  becoming a big trend all over the world, she went ahead and changed her look yet again by getting long blunt bangs.. Super sexy look.

went shorter with her hair in 2008

Then started her love affair with colors when she got the front bangs all highlighted in 2009

2010 added curls to her edgy crop

Then came the RED hair in 2010. The color she is most remembered for. I don’t think many or any would dare to do it

She switched over to a softer auburn shade later in 2011

Her recent blond look which I like a lot.

Before you get attached to this look of hers I hear she has changed it again and is back to black.. Its difficult to keep up with this girl. Phew!!

Now I know we all can’t be as daring as Rihanna but the point is to show you how much can your haircut make a difference to your whole look and keep you looking fresher.
I know a lot of girls who go for a hair cut with so much enthusiasm in the hope to look different but sadly come back looking the same.
C’mon how different can your stylist make you look with the same length. I cannot even tell you the number of times I have heard this conversation between a client and a stylist while waiting at the salon where the girls want to keep the same length, don’t want to color, don’t want chemical treatments but want to look different and I keep smiling to myself. Cmon give ur stylist a break What are you expecting – Magic??
It is also very important that the cut you chose can be easily maintained by you cos lets be realistic we don’t have support staff working for us. So its imperative that you chose a style which is not very high maintenance. Your stylist plays a very important role. They should know you and your hair and should be able to guide you that’s why find the right one who suits you.
In Bombay I would recommend the entire team from SMASHH salon – Sarika, Myrah and Sushil. And from B:Blunt i would say Kadambari is excellent.

My Tip : Always do your homework before you go for a haircut as in research different looks depending on what length you wanna keep. Carry a picture or 2 with you for reference. Mind you the looks that you see are stylised and require a lot of products which ofcourse your stylist will tell you but atleast it will give them a fair idea as to what is in your mind and they will work around it if not 100% give you that look.

It works for me. I always get to hear that can’t happen with my texture and my length but believe you me I get close to what I want. If it doesn’t there is always a next time :-)
so girls go and experiment


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2 thoughts on “Hairy Tales of Rihanna”

  1. Always wonder what material Rihaana’s hair is made of.So many chemical treatments and still going strong. Lesser mortals like us would have had a bald head at the end of so many treatments but that doesnt stop me from colouring my hair once again:)

  2. Yes you are right it is amazing the kind of treatments they do and still have so much hair hahaha. But lesser mortals like us should just get good hair cuts and maybe some streaks done once in a while. That would work for us :-)

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