Hairstyle of the moment : Half Bun!!

Weekends are just amazing when you want to get up late and take it easy. I have therefore figured out this hairstyle to compliment my lazy mood. It all started one day when I just couldn’t wash my hair & I was extremely irritated with the way it was falling flat in the front so I just tied it up into a half bun of sorts. I later figured out that all the cool girls were kind of sporting it in the international circuit. Needless to say I was very pleased with myself :-)
All you have to do is take a little section from the front & tie it up in a bun of sorts, the messier the better & get this the dirtier the better.. so cool na.
Girls give it a shot , it is the Hairstyle of the moment which pretty much works for any occasion – The half bun!!

FUF Half Bun 2

FUF Half Bun 3

FUF Half bun 4

FUF Half bun 5

FUF Half bun 6

FUF Half bun 1

Check out some ways you can sport it

FUF Half Bun 8

FUF Half Bun 9

FUF Half Bun 7

Stay Sexy
Shonima Kaul

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