Go Green – Shirt dress and a corset!!

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I am extremely happy that finally our Government has taken some initiative to ban plastic. Did you know 6.3 billion tonnes globally of plastic has been discarded into the environment since 1950 most of which will not breakdown for at least 450 years. Half of this plastic was made in last 13 years.These numbers are mind boggling. Can u imagine the damage to our eco system. Its high time such steps are taken. Having said that, while I am completely in favour of the ban, I feel it has been handled in such a bad way cos people are absolutely clueless on ground level. It has not been well thought of implementation. People still don’t know how the garbage will be disposed off. what is allowed, what is not allowed. Shouldn’t max permissible limit plastic bags already be available in stores so people can start buying and using those.
There is no proper communication from anywhere which is kind of leading to chaos and on top of that rains are making it worse. If you carry cloth bags they end up getting soaking wet so how does one function.
I am sure no one would mind helping the environment as long as there is a proper system to incorporate such changes. In the end its the common man who suffers!

On a different note the weather in Mumbai is wonderful but the state of roads is dreadful so only thing on my mind right now is to pack my bags and run away somewhere very far. I am willing to go anywhere fabulous as long as I am on an airplane and away from my country.








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