Gone Girl!!


Hey guys.. just wanted to say a quick hello since I was gone for a week & I have missed you all. I have been keeping busy with hospitals & doctors cos my husband had a minor health scare but he is fine now and All is well. Just made me realize how we sometimes ignore health in pursuit of material things and take it so for granted when its the most precious thing we all have been gifted with. I am as guilty as charged. I hate doctors infact I fear them. I won’t go to them until it’s the only option left. So I don’t get any health checkups done nor do I go for any routine visits. I am a great example of what NOT to do :-) Hopefully I have learnt my lesson and I plan to get more serious about my check ups. Incase there are any more girls out there who are like me I urge you to take care.

Anyway enough with the serious stuff.. Did you guys get a chance to catch “Gone Girl”?? I love love loved it though I was very disappointed with the end. Makes me wonder how dysfunctional can marriages be and is it possible that we may actually never know the person we are married to.. Scary thought!!
“What are you thinking”, “How are you feeling”. Some innocently asked questions in today’s modern married life. Sometimes amusing, sometimes frustrating and sometimes relieving but never so disturbing & chilling as seen in the movie. It’s a dark and mysterious thriller that in my opinion should not be missed. It just stays with you for sometime & you wonder about men, women & their relationships. I many a times look at a couple and quite often think to myself – Are they happy or Are they faking it. One can never answer this question. This movie can have that effect on you for days. Finally something to watch after a veryyyyy long time. I hear the book is even better but for now I quite enjoyed the movie..Go for it !

Will leave you with some pictures that I took with my new phone (ahem!) and being a blogger I just look for opportunities and some great backgrounds(which you hardly find in this colorless city) to get clicked. This was just one of those days when I was click happy :-)







Have a great week and do catch the movie if you haven’t. I hardly recommend movies on my blog but this one I do. And if you have already seen it then would love to know what you thought of it. Muaah!

Tee, Skort, Shoes : Zara, Bag:DKNY

Lots of Love

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