Go Nude this season!!

2011 saw a whole lot of girls going Nude.  Of course with respect to Shoes silly!! What were you thinking???

Dirty minds !!
I know girls “Shoes”are the next best thing after sex for us , sometimes the 1st best thing ;-) 
Woohooo Now I have your attention :-) so back to the Nude Shoes
Though this color did make an entry long ago (maybe 2009) but Kate Middleton somehow made it very fashionable last year (in 2011).  Ever since she was seen wearing them, the trend has become a smash hit and is being seen everywhere from Red carpets to movie premiers to runways. Therefore this leads me to think                  
Is Nude the new Black??

What could be the possible reason??

Well, for starters nude heels elongate the leg, seem to give an impression of lengthening them which works in our favor Doesn’t it???
It does work for me as I am pretty short sob.. sob.

Also they do go well with occasional wear, formal wear or casual wear and since the color is subdued, it lets the dress do the talking.
And they can be worn any time of the day or in the night.
They are available in patent & suede form. Depending on your taste choose the right one. But I must say invest in one pair. If you don’t have them yet , you need to get one real quick like now!!
I would like to give you a list of the ones I absolutely adore so that you can make a conscious choice :

Splurge category costing from 35,000/- to 50,000/- are the ones on my lust list.. Sigh!!


Aren’t they Ah – dorable??
Don’t lose your heart if you don’t want to spend this much. I have found some affordable options that aren’t so heavy on the pocket.
Steve Madden has replicated some of the big brands and these are in the range of 5000/- – 6000/-

Check out the 1st three.. shamelessly lifted from Choo, Atwood & Louboutin hahaha.
Aldo also has some pretty ones too

I also saw some really pretty collection of nudes in Zara and in the range of 4K – 5K

Now Are you thinking when & what to wear them with?? 
Don’t u worry, there are several options
Wear them with a classic Black& White ensemble or Red & White

That classic LBD or if you in a mood to be bright and let the dress do the talking

During the day or at an event in the night with a statement dress. I am so trying with the yellow dress. What do you think?? Breathtaking Right!!


Casually with a floral print jumpsuit like Bebo or go glam like Blake

or just for any special occasion when you need to up the ante.
I luuuuv them so much that I have quite a few in my shoe collection. Check out some of my favorites from my personal collection but I am going for Louboutins this year fosho. Saving for them!!


Some Do’s and Do Not’s for Nudes  
One needs to find the perfect pair in terms of color. Try 1 or 2 tones lighter or darker. Don’t try to match them exactly to your skin color nor go way off.
Nudes do tend to get dirty very soon so ensure that they are scuffed properly.
Head to Toe flesh skinned is a complete No – No. Very few people can carry it off.
Take care of your shoes using a neutral shoe polish for patent ones.
Last but not the least Pedicure is a must. You don’t want ugly feet to spoil the party for you. Do you?

An Important note from me :
Girls I understand many of the things I mention or will mention in future are not available in the stores in India like I checked the Aldo shop today and none of these were there but I believe they are soon coming out with their new collection so hoping they will have these. I am an Internet shopper. I search on a brand’s site and then figure out a way  to buy them cos many brands don’t ship to India.  Also I shop a lot when I am abroad. I must confess my friends staying abroad hate me for that cos I am in malls all the time :-) but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!!

Now Go and get yours and share with me if  my tips were helpful and what did u buy?? And if you already have them then you definitely need to put them on NOW.


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10 thoughts on “Go Nude this season!!”

  1. Love the fact that they can be worn with possibly all the dress colours and look so stylish.No more worrying about finding the right colour shoes for your dress. So love the Steve Madden Viktoree and I know whom to catch hold of to get them for me:))))))Btw, wonder if they are available in the Steve Madden store in India….

  2. Hey, can you please tell me where did you get the ones you are wearing, the ones with the bow. wanted one with a similar look for some time now. also, do u know if they r available in red? thanks

    1. Hey there i got mine from Steve Madden.. Aren’t they fancy :-) i bought them last season from Dubai. Go and check their site. But i doubt they would be available. As far as I remember they did not have them in red.

  3. Wow should I be impressed with your observation or the research behind the article. Whatever maybe the case I am now educated enough to gift a pair of shoes to my wife without doing a trend faux pas. Whether she is actually getting one is another thing, nevertheless the learning should never stop. So keep them coming babes.

  4. Yaaayyy!! I m glad Arshad that not only girls but men too are deriving something out of my post. Yess and definitely gift her a brand new pair of Nude shoes becos she’s worth it :-)

  5. Nude definitely looks great…Now I regret for picking black over nude last week…Now I want to have one nude heels but just reasonable heel for me.

  6. Don’t worry Sahana, Black will always be an evergreen color. It never goes waste but yeah do pick up a neutral color like nude and pls tell me what u bought and for how much and from where. It will benefit other readers

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