Go for Loafer !!

Being on a vacation and walking on the streets for maximum part of the day, I have developed a new found respect for flats. They are an absolute essential in every girl’s shoe closet cos you can’t dream of walking for 12 hours at a stretch in a pair of heels. No matter how much you love them.
I got wiser and started carrying them in my bag instead (for emergency purposes hahaha). After-all shoulder aches are more bearable than feet aches I guess!
It also made me pay special attention to what people are wearing on their feet this season. Apart from seeing flip flops (mostly tourists), and some cute sandals, Oxfords & Loafers seem to be big.
Penny Loafer
When I think of loafers the first image that comes to my mind is that of a Penny Loafer. They are American slip ons that came into being in 1930s. Later popularised  as classics by Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. 1980s saw a return of those when Michael Jackson made them popular by donning them with socks. Loafers have essentially been men’s footwear but I like it when we girls steal the fashion from Men. We can get away with it, they can’t.
Then came TOD’s and Loafers got a whole new meaning. They became fashionable as soon as celebrities and the fashion circuit embraced them. Suddenly TOD’s was seen as a must have pair by the Rich & the Famous.

The fashion keeps re inventing itself and new styles keep emerging. But a traditional piece never goes out of style. It’s timeless so investing in a pair of classic Penny TOD’s or anything similar would NOT be such a bad idea.

This season sees return of Loafers in a big way though not the classic penny loafers. The designers have given it a new twist and every designer from Louboutin to Giusseppe Zanotti to Miu Miu have these in their latest collection. The vamps seem to be higher and the toes are narrower. Besides that, they are playing with colors, textures, fabric, prints and much more..
The Studded loafers seem to be the flavor of the season. The Shoe master Christian Louboutin came out with Rollerball Loafers and Steve Madden was quick to follow.

Velvet & metals are in and if they come with tassels then even better.
I absolutely fell in love with these velvet Zanotti loafers with crystal tassels that costed $650 but then I was given a choice between these or a gorgeous pair of heels and there is no prize for guessing what I gave into.

Shiny Patent leather seem to give them a rich look

Embroidered are another rage. Olivia here is wearing ones by Stubbs & Wootton. Miu Miu and Louboutin have them in their latest collection.

Colored ones look great.

Don’t forget how Animal Print is so big this season so why not in Loafers too

Tasseled ones give them a slight character.

There are so many options and styles to choose from and every high street brand from Steve Madden to Aldo to Zara is carrying them these days. They are perfect wear for those casual outings  and long walks. With regards to how to style them, I don’t know about you all but this is what is inspiring me :)

So girls this season Go for a Loafer.
Let me know if you pick up one



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