Getting Date Ready with Swarovski!!


Ok I am no Dating coach considering post my break up I used to call up my ex boyfriend unrelentingly on weekly basis to figure out if maybe the wind had changed directions and his love boat had started sailing towards me. I am sure it must have taken the poor guy all the possible energy & tact to get me to give up on my pathetic behavior. Anyway that was zillion years ago. Since then I have sworn off giving any dating advise to anyone.
However can I give you an advice on your sartorial choices.. Hell Yeah!!
Underneath all the excitement about meeting the guy you have been crushing on for days lies one of the most anxiety – inducing thought – What should I wear???
Now, I will be damned if I say I don’t care about how I dress cos it’s the inner beauty and its’s the real me he has to like blah blah blah. Yeah, all that is fine but you can’t expect to land up like a disaster and then expect him to search for your inner beauty. Well, its no contest he has enrolled for and you have already dissipated your chances of a dream date by 75%. The remaining you are leaving on luck which is not a great start. So please give up on your cavalier attitude and get ready to take some pointers from me.
First & Foremost Don’t stress. It’s time to take a step back. Regroup, Relax, Remain calm and then re look at your closet. The most important thing about dressing for any occasion and especially about a date is that you cannot pretend to be someone else. Anything you choose to wear should be underscored by a deep sense of self satisfaction. Only then can you conquer the world and in this case the guy of your dream.
PS : Do not forget your wit at home. Trust me you will need it :-)

I recently collaborated with SWAROVSKI to create 4 looks for that fabulous outing with your Prince Charming. Take some Tips ladies and shine on bright.
1. Summer Romance
Try something in soft and summery fabric. Co-ords are a great option. Trendy and comfy. Your goal is to look approachable so get a little flirty by wearing a crop top showing off a sliver of skin. I am trying to go for that innocently sexy look. Accessorise with this elegant yet understated neckpiece from Swarovski SS/15 collection.




2. Sparkle
I know an LBD never fails but then why do the predictable. Do an all black with the in – trend Culottes. Glam the look with bright Red lips. For an unforgettable sparkle look no further than this season’s high end piece from Swarovski – these crystal danglers. Electrifying !!
Girls you have already won the battle cos I am sure he will go weak in his knees.





3. Cocktail Hour
Get ready for a fun & flirty evening in this flirty yet girly outfit. Add a kaleidoscope of colours to your look with this very beautiful and one of my favourite Cardinal necklace. I am sure he will not be able to take his eyes off you





4. Shake it up
Who says that only the guy has to be chivalrous and pick you up for a date. Shake up the norms and take him for a romantic spin around the town before landing at your Date destination. Now imagine the car door opens and you get down from the car all dressed up in a black gown and killer crystals. You take his hand and walk inside the restaurant with all that swag. Who wouldn’t fall for you??





Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Hope my outfit ideas inspire you next time you going out for a date with that someone special
Do let me know if it helped

Stay Glamorous girls
Shonima Kaul

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