Get Waisted u guys !!


I was talking about belts….What were you thinking????
I thought lets take a break from the Workwear clothes and talk about something else so I decided why not belts. Apart from being an important workwear accessory they are also considered a must have fashion accessory. I will try and give u examples of how to wear them to work or outside of work.
Belts have been around for hundreds of years but never taken too seriously till some designers made it a must have item.
For me , I still believe in the conventional tucked in shirts , jeans with a belt look. It is oh so classy. And what looks better than an LV or an H shining on ur waist :-). I love my  Louis Vuitton belt but what I am wishing for and wishing very badly is an Hermes. Sigh!!

Ok Focus back to belts. The most taken for granted item in our wardrobe till it was recognised as a fashion accessory and given some respect.  Today it is used to make an otherwise dull outfit look spiced up. Usage of belt is actually the first step of good styling. One can wear them creatively to make an outfit look fun and classy or one can also wear them disastrously.
Now everyone is not very comfortable in using them and some still are unaware of the Power of a belt. I will tell you various ways in which they can be worn. Also how can you use them as an office wear.

They are available in various kinds broad ones, regular and slim belts. Depending on your outfit find the right one.
I will give you so many examples that you will not have to ask anyone how to wear them and I am sure you will be tempted to try these styles out and if you do try a new one, Remember me with a smile :-) 
Let’s go……..

On Dresses
Belts can be worn on different kind of dresses and changes the look of the outfit. Pay attention  to styles of belts in particular.
Wear Carrie style with a long flowy dress to reign in the volume or wear them like jennifer Aniston over a body con dress to break the line of the outfit.

At a red carpet with an asymmetrical shoulder dress to cinch the waist or with an afternoon shift dress

Wear them over a casual frock style printed or plain dress. Deepika is wearing a medium width elastic one over hers but Katrina has styled hers with a thin leather belt on her cute floral dress.

Not everything has to sit high at the waist. Wear it loosely slung over the hips to given an effect of lengthy torso and make a dress look interesting. Use a slim belt to get the effect.

Wear to work over a long classy dress like VB or a short casual sunday brunch shirt dress like Kim K. She can really make a simple shirt dress look sexy.

on skirts
Wear with tucked in tops and skirts to hide those bulges and give an effect of an hour glass figure.

Wear it to work with a white shirt and colored skirt

on Jumpers or Jumpsuits

on Trousers
Wear formally in a traditional way with jeans or trousers or sling a sleek chain like thingy around your waist. How cool is Deepika’s outfit looking with that chain belt. Karishma style apt for workwear.

Wear them to work – a slim belt over Wide legged trousers 

Over shirts
If you want to look stylish, wear this look to work
This can make a simple shirt and jeans or shirt and trousers look totally different. Check out different ways in which it can be worn. How cool is Katrina’s looking? 

Wear a slim belt over a long tunic top

Ah Wear them over a peplum shirt or top with skirt or jeans

Over Cardigans
The latest trend has been to wear belts over cardigans. It helps to streamline the boxy look. Again very wearable to work

Over blazers
And one more trend that I want to tell you all about is the belt over blazers. How about trying this look at work next time. Cool isn’t it??

I think I have covered every way in which you can wear a belt and make your outfit look super chic.
So Girls have fun with belts and try them on if you haven’t till now.

Check out how I have worn my studded one with 2 different outfits – over a top and with a B/W dress.


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4 thoughts on “Get Waisted u guys !!”

  1. I like the content on your blog.. It is simply written & well researched. Kudos to fuf (writer)!!
    It is one of the very few fashion blogs which are not self obsessed & actually give credible info.
    Looking forward to your next article …

  2. Have to share something… Not only has FuF become a daily read for me, but hadn’t realised that my 10 year old daughter reads it regularly too! The other day I saw her try and mix and match a belt with her jumper… upon asking her, she simply said ‘ma, it’s the latest trend, as suggested by FuF!’
    A big shout out to you FuF. Thanks!

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