Get those Cheekbones Baby!!

Contouring 1

Hi Girls.. I realised I haven’t spoken about Make Up in a while so I thought there is no better time than NOW
I wanted to talk about Contouring & Highlighting today. Incase it’s already a part of your Make Up routine – great. if not I suggest you make it a part of your Make Up Regime

Contouring 1

Contouring & Highlighting are crafty little tricks that will help you enhance your bone structure. Especially important for people like me who have lost their Jawline with Age. It is about applying the darker and lighter shades of powder / liquid (any form) on the right areas and then blending it perfectly. The ‘Magic Brick” article I discussed last time is a part of highlighting process


It adds definition to your face and makes your face look slimmer. If you can learn to contour perfectly, you can play around with your features e.g. you could make your nose look slimmer, your cheekbones look chiseled, get a well defined cleavage, Even fake a cleft or collarbones… its all about faking it dolls. So just learn the tricks.


It’s a fail proof step in Make Up to make you feel like a movie star. Incase you are trying it out for the first time chances are you will struggle with it, but don’t lose heart. Just keep trying it at home. Eventually you will get it.
The Biggest Art of Make Up lies in Blending so most importantly get yourself the right tools to apply makeup & blend it & Remember Practice makes you perfect.

There are a whole lot of tutorials on You Tube on the art of Contouring & Highlighting. However I like this one a lot so sharing it with you guys. Till I get over my fear of starting a You Tube channel, I am going to take help from these gorgeous people already doing their thing on the Net.

Hope you liked it

Stay Beautiful girls

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