Get Inspired with the FuFie of the Month May’12

Hi everyone. I have decided to include a new section in my blog which will be called “FuFie of the month”. In this section, I will bring to you Real people and their styles. This Blog is my sincere endeavor to keep you all abreast with fashion but at the same time be real so what best than showing some high street style.
On the occasion of the Mother’s Day, I bring to you one of the stylish mommies and the very first FuFie of the month.

Yana in Honeybunch creation, Milli in Zara

A stylish entrepreneur and being a yummy mummy to a 5 year old Angel –esque daughter are two full time jobs of Milli Gohil, our FuFie of the month.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Milli represents all the moms who are very hands on with their children without losing their own individuality.
When she is not busy taking care of the usual chores of bringing up a hyper active child, she is busy giving instructions to her tailors,  procuring fabrics and designing dresses for kids under her label “Honeybunch” in partnership with Sapna Gohil. Yet she manages to find the time to look stylish and sexy and well turned out every time I see her.
Probe her and she tells me that  its her attitude that she wears all the time that makes her look the way she does.  A fitness enthusiast to the core she believes in taking care of herself and her zest to do so is contagious.  
I managed to catch up with her and extract some valuable information which could be helpful to all of us. She says she is a FUF fan and FuF loves her back and admires her style.
FuF : Define u r personal style
MG : It ranges from feminine sexy to boho chic depending on my mood. I do not believe in constricting myself to a certain archetype and like to keep it fluid but definitely sharp, fiesty yet minimalistic.
FUF :Does motherhood come in the way of being fashionable?

MG : I don’t think so at all cos style is  inherent. It’s a way of life so one does not have to alter their senses pre , post or for that matter even during pregnancy. One shouldn’t use something so beautiful as motherhood as an excuse.

FuF : What according to you is your best feature and How do you incorporate it in dressing ?
MG : I would say my attitude. I am comfortable in what I wear. Like they say  ” Fashion one can buy, style one must possess” but otherwise a petite frame and a small waist.  I generally wear well fitted clothes and belts ( both broad and currently thin ) to accentuate my waist.

Your favorite piece in your closet
A classic white ZARA shirt and my American Eagle shorts.
A make up essential you can’t do without.
Bright lip colors and shimmer infused lotions cos nothing can lift up a face like bright full lips. Corals n Pinks being my favorite for younger fuller face and they bring out my skin color the best.
My favorites are MAC  Vegas Volt and Chatterbox, Inglot Lip Crayon no. 11
FUF : Your quick fix solution for bad hair days or when in a rush.
MG : For hair like mine that are thick n long definitely a neat ponytail with a studded satin hairband for a formal look or a loosely tied one sided braid with side bangs for a more casual look.


Dress from ASOS, cuffs from chemistry, sandals from catwalk


FUF : One Fashion disaster you would like to forget

MG : Christmas tree syndrome with way too much of co ordination or “matching” in layman terms. I would definitely like to keep those days in the past.


FuF : Your style icon n why

Cant single out one so Blake lively , Mila Kunis and Nicole Kidman. 
Blake lively and Mila Kunis for their hip , feminine, uber chic , young – non fussy style .Nicole Kidman defines class and elegance to the T . I love her penchant for vintage gowns and bang on dressing for the Red carpet. I do take inspiration or two from their dressing style.


FUF : One celeb highly overrated in terms of Fashion
MG : Let’s make that two Sonam kapoor and Lady Gaga.

Though well turned out Sonam lacks personal style and any sort of edge . She looks straight out of a catalogue from a designer’s look book for which she can’t be credited Right?? I mean where is her

personal style??

In Neon Tees from Zara

Lady Gaga  on the other hand has her own unique style which is too bold and in your face . It is way too over the top and screaming for attention all the time (don’t really know what her  style is – unless you would call ” atrocious ” a style ) Sorry girls, love her music not her style.

FUF : One fashion trend you are digging currently and how are you wearing it and one which you abhor.

MG : Totally loving the Gelato hues and Neons both on apparels and nails. Not a fan of Peplum


FUF :What has been your  recent purchase?
MG : Organic cotton T inNeon green from Zara, the most lust worthy capris from Promod  & a floral Veromoda.

FUF : One lust item on your wish list

MG : Lady Dior bag and a Cartier watch ! ( Someone listening )

FUF : What do you keep in mind while designing for honeybunch

MG : Honeybunch is an outfit started by me in partnership with Sapna Gohil. We are into high end children’s apparel. The most important facet of Honeybunch is that we give our customers the option of customization, personalization and hence exclusivity.

Being a children’s brand we have the luxury of using colour as a major accessory.

One thing that we have to kept in mind when designing for children is that both style and comfort cant be negotiated upon. It’s priority. We are elaborate even in a kiddie premise in terms of detailing , cuts, 
styles or designs, so kids couture it is !

and FUF agrees. So all you mommies out there do try out Honeybunch. The styles are super cute and will make your little ones stand out in the crowd.



Dress from FCUK,  Bag from Zara, Shoes from Zara, Watch from Guess

FUF : Which is your favorite FUF article and why?

MG : I am a FuFie to the core and I like all the articles. Its just that all women love fashion but some have it in them intrinsically and some want to cultivate because they are devoid of ideas or time. Some just need reinforcing . Most articles by FuF give many pictorial references to a single trend which become a good referral point . It therefore makes it easier for women to look for that particular trend within their budget .

FUF is also very global in appeal so the styles are easily adaptable by everyone.
What  I like & enjoy the most are the Don’ts columns that stops an aspiring fashionista from making rookie mistakes. 
Nevertheless, if I have to choose one then it has to be the one on Nude shoes -“Go Nude this season”
Tell me one girl who doesn’t like legs that are a tad bit longer and c’mon Nude is the new black.



FUF :Last but not the least what’s your advise to the mothers who always seem to have their hands full because of the kids and no times for themselves
I think motherhood is about encompassing effective time management. Motherhood is not a change of lifestyle but an extension of self. I do not think one has to be apologetic about looking good rather It boosts your self esteem and has a  positive spill over effect and makes you a better mother. Also I can’t stress enough on the importance of being fit. Staying in shape makes almost everything look good. I feel this way of lifestyle percolates in the psyche of your children . However, if you do not have enough time in your hand then I think its easiest to stick to basics. Solid colours and clean cuts. Also the easiest way to look your best is keep changing your hair style not necessarily in terms of cut but styles.

How delicious is this mom!! And that is some good advise girls. Don’t you all think so.
I will keep bringing to you some real people and their styles every month so that we all continue to get inspired. Tell me how much did you enjoy this section.

Photographs courtesy : Sawant Kaul.. Thank u Sam, u r d best & u know that :-)

Much Love



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15 thoughts on “Get Inspired with the FuFie of the Month May’12”

  1. Very stylish and chic. Great inspiration for those who give excuses for being unkempt and not groomed.If motherhood with all its responsibilities can’t deter one from being stylish, nothing else can.
    So go for it girls,stay stylish.

  2. Love the new feature. Great idea to feature day to day style of the people next door.

    But are we gonna have it only once a month:( Doing one fortnightly would be a great idea coz we loving it:)

  3. Hey,
    My little doll. Try giving the world the best and you are most likely to get the best you deserve… Mom ( Dad may turn stony face otherwise but when its his ltl daughter he is pat of butter in hot frying pan !!!!!!!!!! ) Nice feature . Congrats, u and ur buddies . nice gift to me on M’Day Event.
    Gr8 FUF.

  4. Kanchan Chohan: Team FUF you never fail to impress me ! Loving the whole concept .. and what can get better than examples of real people unfolding in front of your eyes !! Milli you thoroughly rocked the show .. Stunning potrayal of a Chic, Fashion forward , Working MOM !! Kudos to Team FUF !!

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