Get Inspired with the FuFie of the Month June’12

Hi Friends, Its time to introduce the next FuFie of the month.
Sometimes rugged, many a times elegant, extremely energetic are some of the endearing qualities of Priyanka Shivan. Her constant jabbering is contagious and you can’t help but be all ears cos she is gushing with energy. This travel enthusiast and adventure junkie has already knocked off  driving from Mumbai all the way to Ladakh , skydiving, car rallying, scuba diving out of her bucket list. The list also includes cave jumping , swimming with the sharks and I suspect longest talkathon on the phone which she is not telling me :-) She manages to squeeze out time to follow her passion while working full time at a mid management level in a swiss MNC. Ask her how she does it and she says her priorities are simple – she doesn’t like to carry her work baggage home and vice versa and she believes that there’s only one life to pursue your passion so might as well take out time for it. We like that Don’t we!!
Her sporty side is well reflected in her casual dressing where she is mostly dressed in ganjis, shorts and a pair of sneakers (various colors) and she likes to raise the bar when going out in the evenings. She is updated about the latest trends though does not easily fall prey to any and every trend. She has comfortably embraced fashion to blend in her personal style. FuF got conversing with her to know how she manages to keep herself stylish.
Ganji – Zara, Shorts – Mango , Shoes- converse

FUF : Define your personal style.

PS :My personal style would be more casual & sporty. I tend to lean towards comfort so yeah you can say I like to be comfortably stylish.
FUF : What are we most likely to catch you in on running into you?
PS : On a casual day, you would mostly see me in a shorts and Tee with sneakers or flat sandals. I also like cotton leggings with tunic tops.
FUF : Does your love for adventure inspire your style?

PS : Yeah ofcourse, see I do a lot of road trips with my husband in the car and shorts and sneakers are the most comfortable gear to travel when you are going long distance, that’s what has become my personal style.

I have a large collection of sneakers in almost all the colours and am currently loving the glitter sneakers in silver from converse. They are casual and comfy, yet dressy to some extent. I also love the Puma suede sneakers in different colours and am looking forward to adding them to my collection.
FUF : Tell us about your tattoos, Was it on impulse or was it in your very famous bucket list?
PS : Oh, It took me five years to finally get myself a tattoo, from convincing myself to convincing my better half.
Many of my friends tried to dissuade me from doing it as it was a permanent thing, but  that did not deter me from getting it done. If I could endure the pain to do it, thanks to technology I could also get it removed when I no longer wanted it. I believe in trying out things that I want to and not only think about them.
FUF : You work with a swiss MNC, Tell us about your corporate style?
PS : My portfolio at work sees me landing up in meetings every now and then and hence have to stick to formal wear which at times can surely become very monotonous.
Lately , I have incorporated formal dresses to my workwear to break this monotonity and therefore I try and make it interesting by use of colours in my accessories like bags ,shoes and belts.
And on one of the easy days, free of meetings. I slip into a comfortable pair of jeans with a cool relaxed linen shirt.

Shirt – Boss women , Trousers – Promod, Belt – Guess , Shoes – Aldo
FUF : What according to you looks best on you and how have you incorporated it in your dressing?
PS :Indian wear suits me quite a lot and I include a lot of it in my work wear mostly. I love cotton and silk kurtas with heavy dupattas. For casual outings, I don’t find it very comfortable and hence it’s restricted mostly for office wear.
Kurta : Tailormade
FUF : What is your best asset and your Achilles heel?
PS: My best asset would be my eyes and collar bones and  therefore I try and accentuate both of these while dressing up.
For my eyes, kohl is a must have and I do it up further as per the occasion. I wear a lot of tube tops and racer back tees to accentuate my collar bones and shoulders.
My Achilles heel would be my hair which is very dry and frizzy. But I keep on experimenting to keep it in shape. There have been times when the experiments have gone wrong but have finally realized that keeping my hair short helps keep the frizz at bay. So I try different bob hairstyles from time to time
FUF : You have lovely skin. How do u take care of it?
PS : The only mantra for good skin would be drinking lots of water, buttermilk to keep it well hydrated. I would never go to bed in the night without washing my face and moisturizing it with an anti wrinkle or a night cream. Most of the skin problems are due to lack of moisturizing. Before stepping out of the house, I always use a light sunscreen and touch up once again during the day. I also go for regular facials. Besides cleansing my skin, they help me relax.
Top – Vero Moda , Trousers – Anthropologie , Shoes – Aldo
FUF : Where do you derive your stylish inspiration from?
PS: For me, every stylish person is an inspiration. Although I try and take care not to follow any one of them blindly, would rather seek inspiration and adapt it to my style as it suits me and what is available.
My experience says that blindly copying can make things go terribly wrong.
Dress – boutique in Mumbai  , Jacket – Zara, Shoes – Aldo
FUF : What is the current fashion trend you are loving and the one you hate?
PS : The current fashion trend I love would be revival of some of the old classics like peplum. It helps me in a way that I am heavier on the thighs and helps me hide the bulge and still giving my body a streamlined structure.
I wouldn’t exactly say that I hate colour blocking but it has a potential to go horribly wrong and despite its popularity, I don’t see many people adopting it due to the many complexities involved. Somehow it looks best on the ramp.
FUF: Which is your favorite FUF article?
PS: I love all FUF articles as they give a lot of useful information but if I have to pick a fav, it would be the entire workwear series. Also, love the Pin up board cos it tells you all that is cool and trendy. I loved the article on nude shoes too. I went and bought a pair for myself :-)

FUF : What would be your style advise to all the working women?
PS : I would just stay keep it smart. It’s your work place and the way you dress would reflect your confidence and makes you pleasing to the eyes. Half the battle is won girls.

FUF agrees and trusts you would take an inspiration or two from this article. For more on work wear refer to the Work wear articles Power of dressing , Put your best leg forward,   Make a crisp statement, Hey Bootylicious

Photographs courtesy : Sawant Kaul
Location courtesy : Laughing Cavalier

Have a wonderful day
Lotsa luv


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26 thoughts on “Get Inspired with the FuFie of the Month June’12”

  1. Dear FUF, I am really impressed with your choice of articles and the way you present them. Being in the publishing field myself, I really feel you are doing a great job. The way you present the Fufies of the month and their style is very inspiring.Keep it up.

  2. Somehow, I missed your last Fufie article as I was out on vacations but reading both of them together is a double treat.Now, can’t wait for the next one.
    Very well executed.

  3. Putting a lil stylish thought to your workwear can surely brighten up your day at work and instill a lot of confidence.Thanks FUF for sharing some great dressing styles.

  4. Am a regular reader of your blog,I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your articles.Easy to relate, nothing over the top. This new feature of FUFie of the month is really eye catching and informative….

  5. Excellent choice of FUF ies for your new feature. FUF has really set high standards for itself and am sure you will not disappoint your fans in the future too.

  6. I am really hooked on to this new feature of FUFie of the month.It would be great if you could do more of these as we get to see real people rather than the Victorias and the Kims of the world.Much easy to relate.

  7. Wow, juggling a career to being a stylish woman and an adventure junkie, your FuF ies seem
    to have it all. Great choice of FuFies. Hope you maintain the standards.
    Great shots..

  8. Brillant artice, so much to learn on fashion from people with different mind set, i think it is very good of FUF to add this section, i personally have picked up a lot from here…keep them keeping..all the best..

  9. Thank u all.. i feel encouraged by your comments and hope to never let u all down. Thank u once again :-)
    @Kirti : Try Hakim’s Aalim and Al’s tattoo at bandra. Priyanka got hers done from a tattoo parlor in Malad on Linking Road. She forgot the name :-) Pls be careful about where you get it done from.
    @Dimple : glad u liked the pics, can’t tamper, do not have the wherewithals. What you see is what u get

    Thank u once again people. Keep reading FUF

  10. Lovely article, very breezy and informative. Wonderful choice of model and wardrobe . Priyanka – you look stunning ! Well done FuF and Priyanka !

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