Get Festive – The whole Nine Yards!

Happy Dussehra to all you people out there. Festive season is on in full fervor and I have had some serious overdose of music for the past 8 days. In a city like Mumbai, where we take all functions very seriously you just can’t escape the war of DJs that’s taking place in every nukkad of the city. One trying to usurp the other by playing even more dhinchak version of the song.The result – concoction of some great medleys apt for the next Sooraj Barjatya film. There is music coming out of my pores now.
Pandals for Durga Pooja and Navratras all over the city attracting the crowds to seek Goddess Durga’s blessings or just come and let your hair down by shaking a leg on the Daandiya floor. Who cares even if you have 2 left feet. It’s all about having fun and enjoying with family and friends. I love the spirit of this city. It’s truly infectious.
To top it all, it’s also the perfect season for weddings so in midst of all these festive celebrations you will see men & women in their finest of Indian wear getting in and out of their cars to attend some weddings. Its just amazing to see the whole atmosphere. You can’t help but get overwhelmed by these celebrations around you. If you want the flavor of truly colorful and Vibrant India, this is the time.
Obviously you need a whole lot of Indian wear to cope up with these events. Malls and Markets are abuzz with people buying the best they can afford. Tailors are booked for days together and my guess is that they make some serious amount of monies at this time. You will see a lot of bling, glitter and Gold. It’s just crazy. ¬†From Lehangas to salwars to skirts there are whole lot of things to woo you but who can undermine the power of the most beautiful 5000 year old Indian garment – Saree.


That perfect garment that was designed for the perfect Indian curves ( those curves are fast disappearing though!) The point was to flaunt that beautiful small waist and emphasize the bust and hips with the pleated fabric. Legend has it that the concept of Sari started from as old as the times of Mahabharata where the lecherous Dushasana caught one end of the diaphanous material that Draupadi was wrapped in and started pulling the fabric but could not reach the end as Lord Krishna kept supplying the material to save her from shame. With the triumph of virtue over evil emerged the concept of “Saree”.
Today Saree is one of the most fascinating fabrics that has caught the fancy of the world.
The concept of draping a saree hasn’t changed much of course we see Gujarati style, Bengali style etc but traditionally a saree is still worn the way we know how to wear it.
A lot of experimentation with Fabrics have happened – silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, crepe & what all.
Saree has come a long way with our designers working constantly on this garment to make it even more beautiful.  Zardozi works, Handcrafted embroideries, Lucknowi designs, velvet My God, its endless. For the past few years NET is the most sought after fabric for sarees.
We all know the look of the saree is highly dependent on the blouse you wear with it. The trends for blouses keep changing from time to time. From a simple cloth that was used to cover the bust area, blouses have treaded quite a journey. In this article I would like to talk about the trends being seen in blouses.
The latest trend I am seeing a lot are the long or churidar sleeves. The credit for this goes completely to Sabyasachi. He just made covered blouses so much cool otherwise I was so sick and tired of seeing those strappy small ones, with some girls taking it to the level of vulgarity cos they just couldn’t draw a line. It is quite a welcome change to see these long sleeves.
However, I feel that a Net saree is a good idea to pair with these blouses cos otherwise they would seem too overwhelming. Sridevi is looking very pretty in the picture below but I am feeling very hot looking at this whole outfit.
3/4th sleeves in a sheer or a net like fabric is a better option. Now I can breathe..Phew!!

3/4th sleeves seem to be big this season with a lot of them wearing this trend for past 2 years atleast.

Another trend that can be seen is covered blouses.. Cleavage show seems to be passe. Covered is the way to go.

Can you see, all these are pretty recent appearances made by our beauties and check out their blouses – no cleavage show.
Even our bombshell Bipasha Basu had no choice

And who says long sleeves have to be boring ??? Is Kat looking boring to u??

If you are not a fan of longer sleeves then have a look at these ones

Cutesey puffed sleeves are back too

Velvet seems to be huge when it comes to choice of fabrics for blouses. I thinks its a beautiful way to break the monotony of fabrics.

Showing off your beautiful toned backs & sexy shoulders is another trend and here are some interesting designs that could be seen this year.

Embellish them with beautiful doris, diamonds, crystals or jewels.. choice is yours.

Breathtakingly beautiful colored sarees with Brocade blouses is also the flavor this season

And if you plan to wear traditional silk or kanjeevaram, why go for a boring blouse, make it interesting. I am sure going KAT style. Just need to find a Tailor pronto!!

Leaving you with a truly Indian outfit designed by Sabya and worn by gorgeous Sridevi

Hope you could get some ideas from this post. Do give me a feedback.

Happy festivities.

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