Get Festive – Go for Gold !!

It’s Diwali time and so many places to go and parties to host or attend. Struggling to decide what look to go for this Diwali. Do Not worry we are there to help you give some ideas. I sat with our Make Up Artist  Smita to work out a few easy looks that can be tried on this festive season. We worked on our FuFies so that you get an idea as to how will the whole look come out with ethnic wear. According to Smita the Golden lids are very in currently and they kind of go with a lot of traditional wear. The rest of the face is very subtle and only ur eyes are glittering with Gold. So just get your paper and pen and let’s get started.



1. Start by applying a primer on ur face and ur eyes too.

2. Using a foundation brush apply foundation on ur face and Neck. Smita recommends MAC’s studio fix for a good coverage. Apply concealer under your eyes or any other patchy areas on the face & use your Ring finger to press & place it well on the areas that need to be concealed

Smita’s Tips : Mix a bit of tinted moisturizer with your foundation to get that natural looking glow

3. Once you got an even look use a translucent powder to set the foundation. Even a compact powder will work.

Now moving to the eyes. Refer to the diagram below.

Image : Temptalia

4. Start by taking a chocolate brown eyeshadow eg MAC’s Espresso or Down Brown on a dome brush or a crease brush like MAC 217.  Go from Inner corner towards outer corner in windshield wiper motion. Follow the outer crease line for this. Extend the line slightly out of the eyelid. 

5. Next take a metallic green colour eye pencil eg. Urban Decay’s Covet and fill the lower waterline starting from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyelid. Apply a very thin line in the lower lash line very close to the lashes   Remember to draw this line also slightly out of the outer corner, just about so that it meets the brown line that was we drew on the upper eye lid. So now we have two lines of different colours on the upper & lower eyelid.
Image : Beautylish

Smita : People you can use any other colored liner like Blue or Purple depending on the color you are wearing

6. Now take a  bright gold colour eyeshadow MAC’s Woodwinked or Gold mine OR Inglot  eyeshadow no. P430 and using a flat shader brush apply the color the  upper eyelid keeping in mind not to go out of the brown colour eyeshadow line.


7. Once you have applied the Gold eyeshadow time to apply  gold pigment like MAC’s Gold Pigment . Wet it slightly with a drop of water and apply on the gold eyeshadow for the added punch or intensity of colour.  Using your ring finger and spread the Pigment shadow while it is still wet to cover your eyelid & make it look even, again not taking it outside the  brown line.

Smita’s tip : Don’t fret if you do not have a gold pigment, use a gold eyeliner and cover the eyeshadow by drawing thick lines.
8. Take a black kohl pencil like Lakme Ikonic or Urban Decay’s Zero  to make a nice thick line under your lower lash line Smudge it a little using a smudging brush & mix the black kohl with the green colour applied earlier. It will give a nice contrast to the otherwise gold eyelids.

9. Apply a black eyeliner on the upper lid starting from the inner corners and make it slightly fat as you go towards the outer corner & flick the line slightly up as this gives a  lift to the eyes & gives an ‘Almond shape ‘ look.

10. Just apply the same color that you applied on your lid to your brow bone.

11. Sweep a nice pink or peach colour blush on the cheek bones eg. MAC’s Blush Baby or Inglot Blush No. 54 or 62 


12. Line your lips using a  lipliner in a  colour matching your lipstick & fill your lips with the lip liner.
Use a nude shade depending on the color that suits you. Smita has used MAC’s Spice here and don’t forget to finish by putting lots of lip gloss  in a matching colour for the completed look or you can put a clear gloss too.

And you are all set to wear your fabulous clothes and look gorgeous :-)

Do write to us if you are having any problems in understanding this look.

Smita Chadha for FUF

PS : Smita is a freelance make up artist. For appointments, You can contact her on 


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