Get Bold Get Bright!!!


 One trend that I am digging the most this season is bold bright lips. They are an International rage particularly because those girls are blessed with beautiful skin color.
Most of them seem to be wearing it on the Red Carpet these days.
Ah! Everything works for them the weather, the climate and the genes. But back home our own divas are not very shy to try out this look.
I am so digging it that these days I am trying it out at various occasions. Mind you it’s a bold look and I am still learning to perfect it but What the heck just have fun with it.


Personally I feel that it looks best with pulled back hair . Its instant chic
But Anne Hathway rocked it in Devil Wears Prada and no one can wear it better than Scarlett Johansson.

I know I am taking inspiration from Hollywood babes. Unfortunately this trend is more in vogue on the international scene but but back home our ladies too are trying this look and they are Rocking it too.

I would love to see our glam babes with more of these bright lips cos I think it is a very trendy look.
Do you see how the eyes are kept minimalistic and the look is concentrated on the lips cos cmon you don’t want to look like some witch from an alien land.
This look is good when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to do your smoky eyes and other things.
If you are afraid of trying Red go with hot pink / fuschia

La Katy Perry


or the Kim Kardashian style

Corals / Purples are also bright colors that can be tried.

How to wear them
I am not a make up artist or something so will definitely not want to advise on the techniques of applying make up but would surely want to share my experience
1. Prepare a base to smoothen the lips. I use benefit’s lip plumper. The other good one is Urban decay’s lip primer. Girls u can use a concealer too.
2. Perfectly Outline with the same shade of Lip Pencil
3. And then fill your lips in short strokes with the lipstick. Be extra careful around the edges lest you should get the classic Joker curves (remember The Dark Knight!!) 
4. Keep your skin super clean with not too much going in terms of very heavy foundations and keep your eyes simple
5. Last but not the least apply a little gloss for that extra Oomph and wear a lot of attitude.. Voila! U r ready to Rock this town.

My favorite 7 bright shades that you may try :



So  my Gorgeous Girls try these out and tell me if you like them. Also tell me ur favorite shades.


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4 thoughts on “Get Bold Get Bright!!!”

  1. depends on ur skin tone, maybe a bright pink maybe a better option for some instead of red. Also red has different shades – bright tomato red, burnt orange red and maroonish red. look for the one that will suit u the best. Many a times you can mix a lighter nude color to tone down the brightness of the color if u r not comfortable. But Asians are beautiful and should experiment with these colors. so go ahead.. try it on.

  2. i am brown… a little on the darker tone, and believe me the MAC RubyWoo really compliments me. its a little maroonish red, and thus does not look too painted.

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