Garden of Eden!!



A lot of people on seeing my work assume I am a struggling model who on account of not getting a break has decided to make use of her pictures on a website created by her own self. While many people in my family still do not understand what is it that I do for a living at least I am glad that I have introduced people around me to the world of Fashion Blogging. ┬áSome of my friends have even started following Bloggers and indulge into a candid discussion with me about xyz’s style/ life / pictures. Well, thats a progress Right??

I recently met someone for something I needed to get done for my Blog and therefore had to explain my line of work. The question & Answer session that entailed post my explanation left me wondering if I had done justice to my profession. After a momentary silence and a look of anticipation on my face to get some sign of approval from the other person , pat came an enthusiastic “Oh so you are a stylist” reaction & I thought to myself maybe that is a more socially acceptable role.

Fashion Blogging consists of a huge spectrum of work from Personal style to Trend spotting/ reporting to Street style photography to DIYs to what when where how to how to get Bargain deals and work a look in less etc etc. It is upto you to see which one can you do justice to. When I started, there were just a few of us in India who had taken up this profession but today I see a whole lot of them mushrooming around the country. Every time I open my Instagram, there is a new face staring at me as a Fashion Blogger & the thing is that they all seem to be doing extremely well for themselves which is good for the fraternity. Unfortunately the problem is that all are being seen as similar breed by many a brands or collaborators and not too much thought is being given to the kind of work that is being produced by each one of them. There are quite a few blogs producing extremely high quality content that inspire me because of their hard work and talent to create some superior high class content which is both soothing to eyes and appealing to aesthetics but my question is – Is it being appreciated that much?? or is it getting lost in this battle of likes and followings?? Have we resorted to the number game? Well for now it remains to be seen who will stay and who will perish.

My effort with my blog has been to take a more creative route and provide visually appealing product that provides inspiration enough to make some kind of difference in your lives. Of course there are no world issues that are being discussed here but I have always maintained that If I could make a difference in even one person’s life through my blog I would have achieved a great deal :-)

Coming to the post I decided to call it Garden of Eden cos I intend to live in peaceful & contented innocence waiting to reap fruits of my hardwork. The huge tree signifies the tree of knowledge and the Rays of Sun falling on me will guide me through my path.

Like I said I have decided to recycle my old wardrobe for this Diwali, so I created this look with an old Black skirt and bodysuit that has been lying with me. I got this Dupatta made and it added the difference to the whole look. I love how Indian jewellery can make you look so pretty so I have tried different looks with different pieces from Maang tikkas to Nose Rings to Maatha Pattis to Statement necklace. You could try any of these this Diwali. And yeah since its Festive & Marriage season I will be posting more of Ethnic looks this week so keep watching this space for more and do not forget to comment on my post here or on my social media platforms. Your comments are always appreciated.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali. Hope you like what you see.








FUF Diwali Collage





FUF Diwali Collage 2





Skirt : Vintage Earth, Bodysuit : Forever New (old) , Dupatta (Tailored) , Maathapati : old neckpiece used as maathapatti, Nosering, Necklace : Expressions (Lokhandwala market), Maangtikka : Curio Cottage

Pics : Ushmi kanakia

Hope u liked the pics.. sorry for the long post

Shonima Kaul

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