Future Heirlooms !!


Throughout our lives we have seen our mothers and our grandmothers wearing some piece of Gold jewelry that they truly cherish. There is always a story behind it. For instance my mother had this beautiful choker that she had such fond memories of cos her mother passed it down to her at the time of her wedding saying that this is the only prized possessions she has been holding from her mother-in-law & that she is passing it on to her daughter with so much love. Till very recent times my mom would wear it with so much pride. She decided to pass it on to me saying never ever sell it because it has so many blessings & a significant memory behind it. I would wear it with equal amount of pride and I am very happy when people ask me about it cos I tell them it’s a reminder of my roots.
Makes me wonder many a times what will I be passing down to my next generation. I joke a lot with my friends saying all they will get are my shoes and bags. However, I have now started collecting some pieces of Gold jewelry that I would pride to pass on as Future Heirlooms
Thanks to LoveGold I get to collaborate with various jewelry designers and get a first hand experience of their Art. Recently worked with StudioTara and found these beautiful pieces that remind us of our Hindu tradition and can easily become Future Heirlooms. For instance this ring with Shivling which is so unique that it could be sitting pretty on my daughter’s hand 20 years from now and people would ask here where she got it from. What do you think??



And this other one with a serpent & Shivling is quite a stunner on the hand



Like you all know I am fascinated by rings and this elongated one had my heart flutter with joy. It also had these matchy matchy earrings. I think my future daughter / daughter-in-law (or maybe niece) would love to wear these




Do you guys have any such stories about Future Heirlooms?? I would be happy to hear them. Do share either in the comment box or my FB Page

Have a great day girls

Shonima Kaul

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