FuFie of the Month – Sept 2012

She is pretty , She is smart, a free spirit with a mind of her own and a determination of steel. She believes in making her own rules and makes the biggest thing look so simple by the way she approaches it that you will feel it was so do- able from the beginning. Working as a business consultant with one of the big software companies, Nidhi Raina’s life is currently occupied with taking care of her 18 month old son Shaurya and studying for an Executive course at INSEAD which will demand her to be away from home for almost 8 – 10 weeks. Ask her why she took up this course at such a time and she quickly retorts that such opportunities come once in a while and you have to work your life around them. I almost fell off my chair cos trust me it isn’t as simple as it sounds. She is juggling a whole lot of things together and yet whenever you meet her she will greet you with a calm and beautiful smile on her face.

Apart from Nidhi’s steely resolve the other thing that hits you is her compassion. She is wonderfully affectionate and ready to help you in any kind of situation & for that she will go to any length case in point you ask her for one rubber band to tie your hair cos you forgot to get one in a rush and she will give you 20 and if you say that it was just one you need she will still make you keep 20. Beware!! there is no point arguing. You will die but never win an argument with her hahahaha.
Nidhi is a mad mad mad shopper. She can find anything anywhere and that’s not all if she likes one thing, she will buy 10 pieces of the same thing in all the possible colors be it a skirt, a shirt, a bag or dress. That is how mad she is. What is worthy to note is that in all this madness & mayhem of life she still finds time to go buy that colored denim or that leopard print cos that’s in and she loves to dress up. She loves colors and is not afraid to try newer things. At some point she wishes to start printing & designing her own stuff so hopefully very soon we will be able to see her quirky side but as of now her plate is quite full. She teaches us how to live your life your way even if your hands are crazy full and you have no time to spare. She also teaches us never to loose your identity, zest, passion  at any stage of your life. She is adorable and a great inspiration for our readers. She is our FUFie of the month.

FUF : Define your style
NR : My style is ME
Anything that adequately reflects who I am is my style. Not an ardent believer of conformance to fashion rules either, so following anything as-is is tough for me. I have to make it my own else it is out of the window. I don’t have to look boho chic or british royalty, I have to look myself, since I am unique just like everyone else out there. And I want my sanity and quirkiness alike, to come out in my dressing.

FUF : Tell us about your course at INSEAD, what made you take it up?
NR : It’s a program on Strategy, Leadership and General Management for 10+ years executives. The average experience is around 18 years with most colleagues being CEO’s, General Managers and Heads of a company or a Business unit. I am actually the youngest in the class :-) Momi-hood was a good break in perception. I realized the only thing that I will be living with for the rest of my life was not another house or a new business venture, but me! So I went with an investment in myself before anything else.

Were you scared ?
I was a little apprehensive before taking up the course because it is a huge cost commitment and I am doing well in my job so there was no real need. The decision making was harsh for me ; understanding tangible and intangible returns; but once decided , making it work has been easy for me , thus far.
The real secret is having an understanding husband and a supporting family that has been the ‘wind beneath my wings’ always. The real champ currently has been my son who copes so well with me even when i am away for job and classes!

FUF : How are you coping with job pressures, an 18 month old and your studies. It must be quite a task!!
NR : It is quite a task , definitely, yet a good one to have at hand. I realize that the more I take in hand , the more I have inside me to give to it. Communication is key. Letting people know who I am and how best to manage me is very important. Know that you are likely to be smashed by the plethora of responsibilities that will occasionally dismantle your balance and that’s okay.. You are only human!

FUF : Amongst all the above responsibilities you have managed to knock off most of your pregnancy weight. You must tell us how did you do that?
NR : I made a small mental note that I had to lose it, set an achievable target like ½ kg per week or so and then made sure I was somewhere near that . I did not stress too much about it but I did not let it escape my conscience either. I honestly did not get too much time to hit the gym except 2 dedicated months in the last one year. I lost most (around 15kg being ) by being on my feet post pregnancy and being reasonably careful about my food. I did do yoga and breathing regularly, though I am not sure if there was a direct relation to weight loss. It made me feel better about myself and that may have helped to pursue watching my weight with optimism.

FUF : While dressing up these days what are the things you take care of
NR : I still have some tummy left to lose so I mix and match a few fashion strategies. Layering helps to keep the fashion intrigue alive while hiding problem areas. Loose fitting clothes are a good help if you have time to work on only some areas. Bright bold colored dresses that could stand out on their own, without a great physique are great options too. Jackets and loose cardigans help with sleeveless dresses you really want to wear. Before these, I highly recommend carrying the confidence of a beautiful you! It gives an inner glow that does work on everything you wear.

Do you follow trends
I do notice them to understand if they could be me . I don’t usually have time to follow individual fashion houses though I do have some favorites. That’s where great magazines sites and blogs like Vogue and Fashion U Feel help a lot! A one stop place written by people who know the domain well, ones whose choices you get to know and admire do help take some pain off in the process of fashion decision making.

How do you keep track of them in your busy schedule?
I try to keep up with blogs like yours !

Is there any particular trend you are currently digging??
I do like the current overall trend of this century: Giving people the freedom to express themselves through their fashion statements and learning to accept that eg: Lady Gaga.
As a fashion trend: I have always loved Animal prints and I am glad they are back!
I would go crazy picking up 3-4 things of the same style. I am controlling my madness now a days and its getting much better :-))

Which one do you absolutely hate
Any trend or designer who tells me I can’t wear this or that! Though I must admit that loose, about to fall, jeans on men does shake me off my democratic stance once in a while.

What according to you is the most essential fashion item one must possess?
Your bright, glowing, optimistic and blissfully unique self..Nobody will miss it! Other then that an LBD is a must have in every girl’s closet but these days Orange, Parrot green & Electric Blues are my new Blacks :-)

Who or What influences your fashion choices.
Mostly pieces that I like instantly. It’s great if they are in vogue too else hey! I just discovered a new me that I am not letting go. Other times, its people I love and admire, and whose opinion I take seriously.

What are your favorite shopping haute spots?
I loved picking up from boutique shops in NY. , Oxford street in London and the cobbled 7th arronissement in Paris, when I was travelling a lot. From global brands in India, its mostly Forever21, Mango, Zara along with Aldo, Accessorize etc. Indian Brands are AND, Ritu Kumar , Curio Cottage and bandra boutiques. I am now venturing into printing and designing of my own reflections, soon, as a hobby.

What is favorite FUF article
Oh! All of them! There is so much visible effort that goes into each article. I love all of them. Plus, as most successful actors say, “their best is still out there”. I hope the same for FUF too : To keep the zest for excellence alive !

And Yes with FuFies like her FUF is only going to grow bigger and better. Hope you enjoyed my FUFie of the month. What an inspiration!

Keep Rocking

Photog courtesy : Sawant Kaul


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