FuFie of the Month – Oct 2012

A firebrand , a go getter and not afraid to call a spade a spade is how I would describe my next FUFie of the month – Minoo Singh. She is sharp, she is pretty and most of all she is extremely hardworking. 

Minoo’s day is packed with client meetings and sales calls, not to mention managing the pressure that comes along with a Sales job in a high profile Television Channel. Meeting with some big wigs of the Marketing industry undoubtedly calls for one to look presentable and confident & that’s what she is. I often wonder how she uses her fascinating PR Skills to get her work done but I have a hunch that it’s her delectable charm that works very well for her. She can befriend you in minutes and chat with you for hours without making you feel uncomfortable and you are bound to be smitten by her infectious smile. However, in midst of all this daily madness, she manages to let her hair down and catch up with her friends over coffees and drinks. Her idea of a perfect evening is a dinner date with her husband & she makes it a point to spend quality time with him.

She has a great sense of style and experiments with different trends from time to time. She knows exactly what suits her and likes to keep it simple cos she strictly believes in being careful than being a fashion disaster. Her love for fashion is evident from her effort to take up a professional make up course despite her busy work schedule cos that’s what she loves and would like to pursue as a hobby & a part time fun job. Until then she doesn’t mind trying on a few looks on her sister & friends and I am definitely in line. Right now she is neck deep in work trying to achieve her sales target but was gracious enough to give me some time and be my FuFie of the Month. Presenting to you the lovely Minoo Singh.

FUF :Define your style

MS : I keep it simple. I stick to feminine cuts . I am not much into accessorising cos I am not very comfortable with it so I just keep it very basic. For me a good watch is the best accessory. Better careful than a disaster. So yes Simple and feminine it is!


FUF : What is the biggest challenge you face in your 9 to 5 dressing especially since you are in Sales.
MS : My Job involves running from one end of Mumbai City to another. My line of work involves meeting Big wigs  from the Marketing field of MNCs. Hence how I look is a representation of my Channel/ Organization . The challenge is of course to be smartly dressed but also to not look worn out through the day. Also wearing towering heels is absolutely not possible even if I wish to so I prefer wearing comfortable clothes and smaller heels.


FUF : How do you manage to keep it stylish with all this running around
MS :  I choose comfortable yet stylish footwear , could be kitten heels or flats and yes a good and stylish handbag goes a long way. And most importantly sun glasses.


FUF : Since your job involves being out of the office the whole day, what all can we find in your handbag?
 MS : A mirror , deo , lip balm , a gloss ,  kajal , hand sanitizer , comb , sun glasses and lots of money.
FUF : It is difficult to be out in this polluted and extremely humid Mumbai weather, what is your saving grace?
MS : Lol , my Air Conditioned CAR !!!  I do step out with a sunscreen and my sun glasses. A must .

FUF : I know you have undergone a professional make up course. Did you get a chance to use it on someone

MS : Hahaha , I have a guinea pig at home. My sister is someone I usually experiment on after my course.  Unfortunately my work schedule does not allow me do observe and practice much. But surely look forward to giving it a serious shot in the near future .
FUF : How do you use it on yourself.. give us ur 5 minute daily make up routine
MS : I wish I would do more … but am most of the times hard pressed for time. What I manage though is a moisturizer + kajal + mascara +lip gloss and yeah Sunscreen is a must. But on special occasions when I have time I love to work on my eyes.


FUF : Give us some quick tips on how to transform for an after work party especially after a busy work day
MS : Here it goes – Face Wash , Touch up the Kajal and Mascara u wore in the morning. Put on an eyeliner ( make the corner of your lids heavier – this gives depth to your eyes ) . Color your lips with a gloss lipstick preferable a darker brown or red . Also keep a funky jacket handy. Works very well to transform your casual day  look into a fun evening out. You could also keep a pair of heels in your desk drawer for those special occasions.



FUF : One make up essential?
MS : Kohl!

FUF : How do you turn up the heat?

MS : I wear a short dress, big heels, and do a sexy make up like maybe Red Lips or Smoky eyes and loads of attitude. It works for me :)


FUF : How do you let your hair down after a stressful busy day

MS : For me a nice dinner and conversations with my hubby do the trick J

FUF : Your favorite hangout places in the city?

MS : WTF , The Big Nasty , Woodside Inn and TOTOS
FUF : What are you favorite shopping haute spots
MS : Off late my favs have been Zara ,Promod and Aldo

FUF : One tip for every gorgeous girl working in Airtime Commercial sales
MS : Pamper your feet ! You have a lot of walking to do. Make sure you treat them with a pedicure fortnightly

FUF : Last but not the least what is your favorite FUF article?
MS : Well its difficult to choose , but I would have to say the Kangna Ranaut article where you talked about her versatility. I don’t know many have noticed how she carries every look so effortlessly

Hmmm, well its FUF’s job to notice such things and bring them to you. How do you like my FuFie of the month. Isn’t she gorgeous!!

Photog courtesy : Sawant Kaul
Make Up courtesy : Smita Chadha
PS : Coming soon one more exciting feature on FUF. Keep ReadingThanks

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