FuFie of the Month – July 2012

Sexy, Sassy and a whole lot of fun, that’s how I will define my next FuFie of the month. Taking care of her house, being a mother to a 10 year old and working full time in a cosmetic company in California  keeps Rinku Bhat Shekhar’s hands full. Her day starts at 6 in the morning with household chores and daily responsibilities towards husband and the kids besides getting ready for work and driving all the way in the mad LA Traffic. It ends with cleaning up the dishes and putting the kid to bed and spending some quality time with her husband. She is non stop on the move and hits the sack early only to be ready to take on the next day with same gusto and fervor. Weekends are precious and spent in company of family and close friends or going to beaches and parks.
In the middle of this daily chaos she finds time to take care of herself and maintains an enviable figure. Ask her the secret and she will preach you to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. Although that rule will not apply if you get invited by her to her warm abode where she likes to cook and feed you a LOT :-) Like a true Californian, Rinku’s dressing style is colorful and vibrant and she loves to play with different  trends as is is evident in her style. I spent a good amount of time with her and in bargain learnt a lot about her style :
Here’s presenting to you our FuFie of the Month Rinku Bhat Shekhar

FUF : Tell us about LA Fashion, How according to you is it different from New York fashion
RB : When it comes to strutting your stuff on the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, the looks are as far apart as the distance between the two cities. The clothing is dependent on the seasons. Since the climate tends to be very cold most of the times in New York , the coats and boots reign supreme and also you will see people wearing more of Blacks, Grays and Navys. On the other hand the Californian summer doesn’t allow us to layer so much so its more casual and colorful. You will see more of shorts, sandals, Maxi dresses, bohemian fashion. We probably would win the “casual fashion” contest, but for high style and getting dressed up, NYC is the city. Nevertheless I really love LA. My family is here, and I just love the cool & casual vibe.


There is a constant pressure to look good in this city, how do you deal with it?

 RB: It’s hard to have that balance of wanting to look good but stay healthy. I maintain a healthy life style and watch what I eat. Although I work Full time, I exercise daily and cook for my family everyday .
Mostly this pressure to look as fabulous as a celebrity can be found in Southern California. It is more influenced by Hollywood so a lot of people are trying to look like celebrities all the time but thankfully I don’t believe in that. I don’t have a perfect skin nor am I  stick thin. I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.

Jumpsuit : Foriegn Exchange, Sandals : BCBG , Watch : Burberry


And you work for a skincare, cosmetic and wellness company in LA. Does it add to the pressure?
RB: Not at all… In fact I have learnt so many things about taking care of my skin, makeup and wellness in past 4 years , all thanks to my current company. I believe, If you are confident and know what you are doing, you will never feel any pressure whatsoever.

Who inspires you?
 RB:Victoria Beckham. Victoria is a style chameleon and over the years her image has changed so much and has influenced everyone from young girls to women in the 50’s.. Her style is unique and feminine, something which many people can relate to.
I completely admire her and I aspire to be like her someday.

FUF : So what’s the hottest fashion trend currently in LA & how have you incorporated it?
RB: Oh there are many from Wayfarers to hats to Maxi dresses to Bohemian bags, scarves, Peplums, Jumpsuits. Basically we pick up trends really fast because of the proximity to Hollywood :)
·    I bought couple of peplum skirts recently and I love the way it fits me. Mostly you will find me in dresses and A line skirts as I work 5 days a week but I experiment a lot with my dressing style over the weekends. I wear anything from casual dresses to maxis to boyfriend shorts.
    I can’t pull off a hat or flats, that’s not my style but that doesn’t stop me from having them in my wardrobe. I recently bought Dolce and Gabbana wayfarers and I am loving them as well.
Maxi dress : Free people , Printed bag : Steve Madden


Maxi dress : Nordstorm , Wedges : Bakers

Tell us about one fashion item you can’t do without.

RB: I simply canNOT do without heels. You will never see me wearing flats. I have them in all shapes and sizes and my favorite being wedges because they are comfortable and I can stand in them for long hours. I have them in almost all the colors :)
(She also gives us a peek in her shoe closet)I also love to accessorize as it adds to the outfit, my favorite being earrings and bangles

Your favorite piece of clothing or what are you most comfortable in.

 RB: I love wearing dresses, rompers and maxi dresses but I am equally comfortable in boyfriend shorts and a tank top.
How difficult is it to be fashionable and stylish while taking care of everything from work to house stuff to raising a child, I mean your hands are pretty full.
RB:Motherhood is the most precious gift as well as the ultimate responsibility and the doorway to the most extraordinary love you have ever known. It stretches you beyond what you ever imagined you were capable of. Maintaining a healthy balance is very important. If the work that you do is what you love, making that balance is a way easier job. If you love what you do even all these negativity will seem positive. I have set my priorities in order. I go for planned holidays, pamper my husband with gifts, go for soccer game with my son and at the same time I put my heart and soul in work during office hours. I feel I have good fashion sense and this helps me feel confident in all aspects of life from being a mom, wife and a career woman.

Shirt : Limited, Peplum Skirt : Foriegn Exchange , Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag:Coach, Watch : MK


FUF : What is your style mantra

RB : Exercise regularly, Eat sensibly, celebrate with champagne…often, Be comfortable with your shape and you are definitely going to make a statement.


FUF : What has been your most recent purchase?

RB: Gucci watch , couple of Steve Madden pumps and a Prada bag.


Dress : bcbg, Peep Toes : Steve Madden, Clutch : Nordstorm, Watch : Gucci

FUF : Your favorite FUF Article?

RB: Article on how to create Smokey eyes in Smokey, Sultry & Sexy…I can never get my eye make up right, but thanks to your article I know how to get the Smokey eye look .
And thanks to our FuFie we got an insight into her style and some LA Fashion :)


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