FuFie of the Month – Aug 2012

First and Foremost Eid Mubarak to all of you and now it’s time to introduce the FuFie of the Month.
Unbelievably creative and incredibly talented Urvi Shah Zaheer works for an Advertising Agency in Dubai. Her love for Art and anything related to nature is truly reflected in her cool earthy style of dressing. She likes to keep it comfortable and knows what exactly suits her personality so much so that when you go shopping with her, she will immediately pick up the pieces she likes and tell you these are so Urvi -esque. At that moment you can’t understand but believe me when she styles them , they are totally in sync with her personality. She knows exactly which accessory she will use to amp up the look. That’s her weapon & her secret too.

Dress from a Pakistani designer
Besides her love for accessories, she loves to paint and has a piece or two adorning the walls of her beautiful house. Her love for creativity is not just reflected in her clothing but her house decor too oozes Urvi perfection. Some really beautiful plants at the door make for a welcome entrance and a well maintained kitchen garden in the backyard gives away her love for nature. Her friends call her the girl with the green thumb and she beams with happiness and pride.
Her prime most reason of happiness is her very pretty 11 year old daughter Miha and the camaraderie between the mother and daughter is evident when you see the two conversing with each other about her friends or studies or sharing their love for pets. 

She makes it a point to spend ample amount of time with her 2 cats either playing or chatting up with them and they respond with equal amount of affection by following her everywhere in the house. Prior to cats there were love birds who practically used to have a conversation with her. Such is her warmth that you feel so welcomed in her beautiful abode.
She is just back from an all girls trip in Las Vegas and she can’t contain her girl like laughter at the mention of all the “Girlie” fun she has had in the Sin City. She was later joined by her family for a less boisterous family vacation and seems relaxed and happy with the break.

FUF got a chance to get a sneak peek into her Arty wardrobe and her cool accessories & I am definitely digging to get information out on the Vegas trip :-

FUF : So how was the trip to Sin City. What did you do?

UZ : OMG don’t ask. 
It was crazy mad fun with my girlfriends and I wish to say that each one of you must take a girlie trip to some place of your choice. It was liberating.

FUF : U didn’t tell me what you did?
UZ : Ummmm… We had fun and let’s leave it at that. 

(She gives me a wink and that’s my cue so I leave the topic and move on to what I am supposed to ask)

FUF : Define your style

UZ : I would say it’s a fusion of Art meets Bohemian. 
Being a working mother, I am constantly on the run. Thus, I find it hard to compromise comfort over fashion. You will always find me in  comfortable loose clothing like  linen pants, harem pants, boot-leg jeans with easy shoes (flats, little heels or easy clogs), which help me through my day – from dropping my daughter to class, rushing to work or running errands at lunch, its never a dull day for me. I spice it up with my accessories  to give it a little edge. That’s where my love for Art inspires me.
Tunic Top Promod, Belt: Zara, Cuff & Necklaces: Promod, Ring: Express, Watch : Tag


FUF : You work in the creative field, how does the creativity transpire in your day to day dressing
UZ : I work in the creative side of Advertising industry so  it gives me the luxury of  not dressing up  too formally  at work .  Art has always inspired me, and this probably comes across in my dressing. Even if I am wearing a classic white shirt with jeans, I jazz it up with some chunky silver jewellery, my big watch, neat clogs and a bag that makes a statement.

Top : Zara, Jeans: Lucky Brand,  Wedges : Steve Madden, Watch: Rolex, Cuff : Jeddah airport, Neckpiece : boutique in Mumbai Flower Print Bag : Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

FUF : What is the biggest challenge you face in your 9 to 5 dressing
UZ : How to keep the Kohl from running out of my eyes and maintain the same fresh look till evening hahaha.  I always carry some make up remover and do a little touch up session after lunch. Every girl must carry her small make up kit with essential items to keep looking fresh and fabulous.
Also its impossible to walk around in heels throughout the day, I keep a pair of flats handy in my desk drawer. I also keep a smart wrap or shawl handy cos the AC tends to get very cold in the office and you need something stylish to keep you warm

Pashmina wrap : Kashmir emporium in Dubai, Top : Promod, Ring : Curio Cottage, Glasses Ralph Lauren
Cuff : some small shop


FUF : I can see that you love accessorizing, how do you go about it
UZ : Like I said I prefer comfort over fashion so I like to keep it simple in terms of clothes but at the same time I try and create my own style statement. Earrings, finger rings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, jackets, belts, funky bags and shoes… I can never get enough of them! Oh, almost forgot… watchesJ


Skirt : Ralph Lauren, Top: Promod, Sandals : Charlotte Russe, Cuff:Mumbai Airport Neckpiece: CK, Bag : Burberry, Watch : Ancestral Omega, a hand me down

FUF : What are some of  your favorite pieces of accessory that you seem to go for regularly

I love to mix and match my accessories so wouldn’t have any favorites but yes I love scarves cos they can change the whole outfit in a jiffy for instance Take a cotton shirt/blouse with jeans or trousers. How plain right!! Now just top it with a scarf, maybe a jacket, add a nice contrasting bag and match it up with some heels. Voila! Do you see the difference?

Scarf : Ralph Lauren, Top : CK, Jeans :Tommy Hilfiger, Cuff : Promod, Bag : Top Shop, Shoes : Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Burberry

I am also exploring the  potential of belts currently. They can totally change one’s style.

I get attracted to quirky and unique pieces so whenever I see something interesting I pick it up and use it to create a certain look like this interesting clutch or sandals.

Beatles Tin Bag : Virgin Store, USA


Chappals : Mumbai Airport

What would be your favorite hand – me – down item to your daughter
My Rolex Watch.

Top : CK, Skirt : F21, Bag : Fossil, Bracelet : Pandora, Miha’s clothes: Justice

How do you keep yourself looking stylishly cool in this blazing Dubai Summer

Although its very hot in Dubai, the air-con is always on full blast everywhere I go, thus a good scarf always goes a long way. 


Scarf : Dior, Top : CK, Pants: Express, Shoes : NineWest, Cuffs: Promod & Claire’s, Bag : Virgin store

Any advise on how to beat the heat

Be comfortable in loose cotton clothes but always jazz it up with accessories. And girls don’t forget nothing is cooler & sexier than Whites in hot summer.
Top : Mango, Pants : Promod, Shoes: Aldo, Neckpiece : Promod, Belt : Zara


Your recent purchase
My Pandora bracelet and My Louis Vuitton Artsy bag. Goes with my Bohemian style.

Pandora bracelet

One make up essential

I can never step out of my room without my kohl and mascara which I play with as per the occasion. And goes without saying, my Neutrogena SPF 30. Its really light on the skin and perfect for protection.
One fashion item you can’t do without
Oh… but there is more than one… my accessories of course! :)
But honestly, I can never do without my sunglasses. The sun is so harsh, I am sure everyone in the middle east especially will agree with me.


One trend you are loving & the one you wish goes away quickly
Absolutely love the Pandora! And hope that colored denims quickly go away… call me old fashioned, but if its denims, it has to be true blue :) Your favorite FUF article

Love the way FUF has so matter-of-factly put together all the articles and make it all look so casual and do-able.Being a very visual person, my personal favourite is the Pin Up board, each image is enough to tell a story!
I follow a lot of advice that goes up on FUF… my nude shoes, my Loafers, my crochet top… just a few latest additions to my wardrobe :-)
Well, what more can FUF say.. It has some really cool followers and I love my FuFies. U all are so inspiring.Keep reading FUF.



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