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FUF has been taking baby steps in the world of Fashion blogging and is constantly trying to re invent the wheel. The main reason for existence of FUF is to deconstruct the complicated world of fashion and simplify it for commoners like us so that we stay bang on trendy and fashionable. Therefore, I write from my experiences and knowledge. Of course a lot of Research goes into the same. 
In the past I have tried giving you few suggestions on make up, the products that can be used and how to go about it. Looking at the amazing response received for those posts, I thought it would be fair on my part to get an expert on board. I am pleased to introduce Smita Chadha as FUF’s in house make up artist who will provide us consultation from time to time. Having trained under one of the top make up artists of the country- Cory Walia, she is all set to dish out her expert learnings and give us some of those much needed beauty tips. Smita describes Make Up artists as painters who bring out their imaginations on the faces of people. The trends keep changing so they can’t afford to be complacent.


Having worked in the corporate world for the last eight years ranging from managing people as a Human resource professional to being the EA of a hot shot celebrity cum businessman, she has come a long way. Its her passion that made her pursue the course and she is slowly but surely moving towards converting her dreams into reality. There were friends and family who supported her at every step and there were also detractors who termed her move as nearly insane and even suicidal. But there was no stopping her  and here she is, making a small beginning in her chosen field. The day is not far when she sees herself as one of the coveted make up artist of the country. Here is wishing her all the luck .
Let’s just get to know her first :
FUF : Who or What inspired you to pursue a career in makeup and take this big shift?
SC : Like many of you, I have always loved Make Up and what it can really do to transpire your looks from a Plain Jane to a Diva. I have played with Make Up, I have collected a lot and loved it even more each day of my life. It’s been my passion and I was hungry to learn more. So one day while I was in between jobs & very bored with the whole ‘corporate setup’, I decided to give my passion a shot. I registered myself with the best in the business and here I am working as a consultant. Not bad haan!!
FUF : Make Up Artist that inspires you?
SC : My teacher / mentor Cory Walia. His knowledge about make up & his skills according to me are one of the best in the industry.

FUF : What individual products and brands are you addicted to at the moment?
SC : I loveee the new Lakme Absolute Kohl pencil,  it just glides on the eye. Besides that Clinique palette of frosted eye & lip colours, which I love wearing on a regular basis.
FUF : What would be your Make Up “secret weapon” ?
SC : It has to be an eyelash curler.  I love curling my eyelashes before putting on the mascara & it instantly opens up my eyes & takes away a little bit of the “lazy eyes” look. Every girl should possess one.
FUF : What is a real quick way to change a day look to a special occasion or nighttime face?
SC : First of all, everyone should keep a small make up pouch handy with a lipstick, mascara, kohl & fsome bright funky colored eye pencils.
Line your eyes with a  nice black /brown kohl pencil, flick the line out at the end and draw a slightly thick line at the bottom water line. Keep few funky eyepencil colours handy e.g. blue, green,sea green,silveror gold; so you can draw a line of medium thickness(we want the lovely colour to show through) & run the same colour on your lower water line as well  but lightly.
Carry a nice bright lip colour & apply it on your lips. For an instant glow on the cheeks, use a lipstick in a  natural pink tone, put dots of the colour on your cheek bones & using your index finger blend the colour till it looks natural. 

Last but not the least the look is not complete without a  fresh coat of mascara & some lovely perfume. Voila you are all set to rock the night.

FUF Which Hollywood/Bollywood celebrity would you love to work on?
SC : Farhan Akhtar - I find his face very interesting & Dimple Kapadia cos she is gorgeous
Internationally I would love to work on Charlize Theron, she’s so stunningly beautiful!
FUF : What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup?
The most common mistake a lot of women make is to not experiment enough with colours & stick to one colour or one look all their lives. Also not matching their face colour with their neck colour can sometimes make you look quite “tacky”.
FUF : Best makeup tip ever?
SC : If  it’s going to be a long night and you don’t want your lip or cheek colour to feather out, use a  lip stain. You can use a  lip stain on your cheeks but remember to  blend it well using a big brush like a Kabuki brush. For the lips use a  stain and put a  lip colour of a similar hue after that  & be ready to have fab lips & blushed cheeks for a longer time.
FUF : What do you have to say about your association with FUF?
SC: I am very excited and honored to be a part of FUF! I was recently asked to join as a beauty consultant and contribute my knowledge & expertise as a working make up artist. I am very passionate about beauty products, great finds and sharing tips so FUF gives me a perfect platform and a wonderful audience. I hope you all will benefit from my advise. Our intention is to help our FUFies look their best & in turn feel their best. Here’s hoping that we are able to deliver our best :)
FUF is very excited to associate with Smita. We will keep bringing you various beauty features, tips and how to’s. We will also start a forum where you could ask questions and discussions could take place. Will keep you all informed as we progress through the days. As of now let’s welcome Smita in the FUF family. C’mon people show her some love.
Three Cheers!!

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