FUF gets doodled !!

Hey my lovely people Now that Oscars is off my list, I wanted to share this awesome doodle with you that has been created by Doodle My Mind especially for FUF..  I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning with this Doodle sent to me and I jumped with joy on reading some awesome write up along with it. So cool. Best gift FUF can get for its Anniversary – A Special Shout out to FUF doodle… Yaaaayyyy!!

PS: Don’t forget to read the write up about FUF along with the Doodle guys

Doodle My mind is this awesome blog started by immensely talented Urvi Shah Zaheer who has mastered the art of expressing her feelings through this incredibly creative way of  drawing on a sticky POST -IT. She likes to express her thoughts and experiences through this medium and like everyone else I always wait for the Doodle of the Day.I have always & always been in awe of people who can draw. So much so that before starting this fashion blog I did some soul searching like all the other lost souls & decided to dab into some Art.  In less than a month I was banging my head against a wall and making a complete fool of myself. I will share some of my amazing (amazingly foolish) work with you some day when I am comfortably numb about ur reactions hahaha. Coming back to the topic,  It is indeed lovely to express yourself by way of Art , be it Illustrations , Sketches, Paintings or these Doodles. I wish I could do the same. Anyway everyone is not blessed with a talent like this so I have made my peace with FUF.

Some of my favorite Doodles are shared below. To see more do go to DOODLE MY MIND. It will blow ur mind :-))) & Thank u once again Urvi.


I was always one of the Boys!!

AFAIK – the days of good english has went

I am no sexist but Enough is Enough

Do yourself a favor & Forgive

Hope you liked them.. As for me I am currently flying.. It’s like winning my OSCAR hahahaha.


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