From Sombre to Ombre

Hi girlies.. How are you all doing this Tuesday morning. Grumpy or cheerful??? I am hoping cheerful cos all that frowny face not good for you :-)
Hope you did read my last article on Beauty starts within and pampered yourself this weekend. What did I do?? Well, I took an inspiration or 2 from my Rihanna article and decided to change my look.
I am the one with very limited amount of patience especially with my hair so I have been in a habit to go and get it cut every now & then. Since I wish to grow my hair this time atleast waist length I have to really cut my urge to go snippety snap.
For the longest possible time I have been toying with the idea of getting my hair colored. I have done it 2 – 3 times in the past but wasn’t very happy with the results. It is one of the ways to change your look if you do not wish to cut your hair.
Sometime back I came across this new trend of highlighting your hair which has been there the whole of last year called Ombre highlights & I loved them. My inspiration was Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel with blond highlights

I love the gorgeous golden tips that add sparkle to her hair.

The basic gist of Ombre (French for shaded) highlights (a k a Balayage) is when the ends of your hair graduate to another color, usually lighter and blonder. The individual strands of hair, fade gradually into a few inches from the root so there’s no harsh line when the hair grows out. It’s a gradual progression from dark to light, making the color appear seamless & giving your hair a sun kissed look.

Rachel Bilson looks gorgeous with her highlights

The best thing about the Ombre trend is that it works for all hair colors from the darkest black to the lightest blonde. You can make the contrast as natural or extreme as you’d like and even experiment with different colors on the ends.
For a truly “believable color” I’d suggest going no more than 2-3 shades lighter than your roots. For something a little more stark, experiment with different jewel toned shades on the pre-lightened ends. The possibilities are endless. For me I love the starkness in the color.

So I land up at my stylist’s door with my inspiration picture and demand a color like Jessica Biel’s. She looks at me with surprise and says “Really, U wanna go blonde?? ” and I am pretty confident that I do.See that’s when you need a good stylist who can put some sense and not make you walk out of the salon looking like a punk (unless u wish to look like one).

I always insist on carrying a picture of what style or color are you looking at cos that gives a fair idea to your stylist as to what you have in your mind. Then depending on your hair, texture, skin color, hair color, thickness blah blah blah certain variations can be made to come closer to your desired look.

Like Kadambari (my stylist from B:Blunt) tells me that Jessica’s hair is actually bleached and explains me the nuances of coloring and how her hair color is different from mine. After a good bit of discussion and my insistence of going for some color in the Blonde family (cos I want a good bit of contrast if not stark) we decide on a color for my hair and I am very happy with it. It looks a little like Blair oops Leighton Meester’s but way shorter than hers. Isn’t it gorgeous??

Actually maybe a little like the one below as well. I am not sure hahaha.

If you wish to have something that kind of blends with the natural hair and looks more natural then go for caramel highlights. They look beautiful.

What I love about these kind of highlights is that it gives an effect of roots growing out, though the color is nicely blended in with the rest of your hair and the longer my hair grows, the better it will start looking. I like that color growing out of your hair kinda look and Ombre highlights are perfect for it

Personally I feel these highlights look the best on wavy hair but it’s not that bad on straight hair too plus you can always curl ur hair using tongs for that special occasion

I also like the way these highlights look once you tie up your hair

But if you really in a mood to be bold then try out Rihanna or Ciara. I personally love Rihanna’s look but I don’t have the guts to do them. Maybe next time will try little more blonde.

So girls if you like these kind of highlights then you can go for Ombre hair. I love mine
What do you think??

If you plan to do them please go to a professional who knows how to do ombre or balayage. I recommend doing a stark contrast But be careful unless you wanna look like the one below :-)

Have a lovely day.


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