From Runways to our daily lives – Bring it on Spring Summer 2012

3 Trends I am definitely trying this season and so should You!! 

Ok people with all the designers  done showing their Spring Summer collections. Its time for the  trends to hit the high Street brands. Now I am not big on following trends but I do not totally despise them.  They may or may not suit me but who cares , one’s gotta try!! 
Post these designers exhibit their collection, it sets the trend for the season to come and how well it is received by the fashion enthusiasts like us makes it the most popular trend. So you see we have the Power :-) The high street brands help us in incorporating these so called popular trends in our day to day style of dressing.Some of the ones that I definitely am  giving a shot this season are :

First up girls, you may have seen them on the racks last year or year before, its just that they are going to be seen more and more.

1. Hot Collars.
A 60′s trend that re appeared in 2011 and will be seen a lot in 2012 is Peter Pan collar. They are flat collars rounded at the edges slightly reminiscent of the maid dresses in the earlier era. They have been seen in lot of runway collections from Louis Vuitton to DKNY to Miu Miu. I am not going into the history, you can check the web for that.
They can be in form of a shirt or a cute dress. Wear it with shorts this summer for a casual trendy look or trousers for a formal look, its a very wearable trend.

High street brand Zara has a whole lot of them. Infact there racks are filled with this trend ( Although the collection seen in stores is very disappointing, i will do a review on Zara India collection very soon)

Vero Moda/ River Island/ Top Shop are retailing it this season.
Vero Moda’s brand ambassador Alexa Chung has been spotted wearing this look at many instances and they have featured it in their Spring Summer collection.
Pic courtesy Zara, Vero Moda, River Island

Pls note I have picked up these images from their online store (Ref : Zara ).These are not yet available in the Indian stores. )  You can always go and check on their website.( Ref Veromoda )

The best way to wear Peter Pan collars is in contrast. The collar should contrast with the rest of the look. That’s what looks Hot else it won’t stand.
Infact last year I saw Frieda Pinto wearing a Louis Vuitton Playsuit and I loved this look so much that I knew I had to get it. 

Frieda Pinto in an LV Playsuit
Now I could not afford an LV Playsuit so I bought a black Peter pan leopard print collared top in November and paired it with black shorts and high heels. Trust me it looked super chic. See how I did it.. Ain’t it cool??

2. Orange Crush

OMG I am so crushing  on orange this season… Be it Lips , dresses, shoes or bags. Right now you go to any store and it is right in front of u. I went to Zara, Promod, Mango and from everywhere it was staring at me.

The brightest color doing the rounds on the runway this season is Orange in different hues be it tangerine, burnt orange, Rust or bright red orange, its the color to watch out for. It is the only brightest color seen this year and will be seen a lot.
Ah! Time to take out all the oranges from the closet. I have plenty.. Yaaayyyy!!

My personal collection of Oranges

So I am definitely wearing these and buying more :-)

I found some of these cute ones to try at Forever 21 and BEBE

It certainly is a strong color and maybe everyone can not carry it off so some Do’s and Do Not’s

1. First and Foremost determine the shade of orange that compliments your complexion
2. Do not go all Orange with dress, shoes, bags etc. Break the monotony of the color with a different color shoe. Maybe off white or nude color and if you are in a mood then maybe with a bright blue color sandal (this would be my favorite combo to try on)
3. If you are afraid to try this color and still want to wear then buy a skirt  and pair with an off white shirt or buy a top and wear it with jeans or black / nude trousers.
4. And if you are the experimental kinds go fierce with color blocking (another major trend) with this color.
5. A whole black / Navy blue ensemble with an orange shoe and an orange bag will also look classy

So play with your options and don’t be scared and think it won’t suit you. It will if you try :-)

3. Hips Don’t Lie
The most -est popular (i kno its not a word but just to emphasise on how popular it was)  trend this season that was seen in almost all the shows is Peplum.  It has practically been there in every designer’s collection. So girls get ready to see a lot of it this year. U may like it or hate it, you sure can’t ignore it.
Now before you go looking for your dictionaries let me explain.

It is a short flared ruffle that sits at the natural waist. It accentuates your body curves especially the hips. It can be worn as a dress, a skirt, a shirt, a coat or a top.

This style has been there for ever and keeps making a comeback with refreshing modifications.

Now when I first saw Peplum, the only image coming to my mind was Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC Movie. She has always been ahead of her times. Thats why we love her Don’t We ??


It already is featuring in almost every high street brand’s Spring collection. Zara has many in their range atleast on the net so does BEBE , TOPSHOP etc. 

Its is a tricky style as many of us may feel that we do not have the right body for it.  But Don’t u worry. It is a silhouette meant to show off curves and not for people who are afraid to flaunt them. Peplum is available in so many styles / variations that I am sure you will find the one that suits your body type. 

People with straight figures or smaller hips should definitely try it as it gives some impression of curves. Definitely try the skirt and team it with a ganji or a shirt ( not an ill fitted one)

Some of the ways to wear it

Wear them with your highest heels , pulled back hair and cat eye liner and you are ready to rock the Peplum. I don’t care if it suits me or not I am surely going for it.. We are humans so we are allowed to commit fashion faux pas Right!!

The other trends spotted were

  • Pastels, 
  • Super bold prints like flowers / graphical prints, 
  • Color Blocking
  • Asymmetrical hem lines 

These too have percolated down to these brands and you will find them on the hangers but the above

3 are must try trends for the spring summer. The reason  I have given you links is so you can go and look for variety of choices and see what all is available. So my girlfriends try these out and let me know how you feel about them. Happy Shopping!!


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10 thoughts on “From Runways to our daily lives – Bring it on Spring Summer 2012”

  1. orange rocks. I also love the juicy bag that you have, where can i buy them in Delhi? Please do keep the blogs coming they surely are a girls best friend!!- FashionNovice

  2. Thank u fashion novice. mine is a juicy couture bag and I picked it from the US 2 years ago. I dont think Juicy is available in India and this bag is from their old collection but do go and check their site on the net. U may find something. Let me know if u do and yes enjoy reading..xx

  3. Was just wondering if colour blocking would apply only to the clothing or to the accessories/makeup you are wearing/carrying alongside. How many colours can you combine as far as the dress and the accessories are concerned??

  4. Dear Travel bug. For starters would recommend not more than 2 – 3 colors for color blocking. Depending on what all colors you have used in your clothes choose the accessory. If there are too many colors in your dress, the shoes and bag should be muted I would say the safest bet would be nude / black. But if you have 2 colors in the dress then go with one of the colors on the dress (preferably the one which is less dominant) for the shoe and the bag.
    Some of the colors that work very well as a family are pink, orange & light blue, yellow and electric blue. Pink, orange, light green. U can thrown in a white in pink and orange. You can also do Orange white and black. Hope it was helpful :-)

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