From Green with envy to enviable!

It’s never enough with us girls Is it??? We are constantly short of something or the other even if our wardrobes are overloaded with stuff that is literally waiting to fall off. Well, I for one am always on the prowl for “just one more” thing.  This time it’s an Emerald green bag. As you all know Emerald Green has been declared the shade of the year by Pantone and we are definitely gonna go green with envy this year when we see some fabulous spotting of this color on our lovely celebrities.
The trend is not yet caught on maybe because most stores are still weaning off the old collection and slowly getting in new. I guess we will see the full fledged Spring Summer collection from March onwards but yeah girls, time to take out all the Green you see in your closet and start wearing it.
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Why a green bag then? . I would like to start with something simpler and what is more of a statement than carrying a strikingly beautiful green color bag on a cream or a white ensemble. Any punchy bag has the power to change your outfit and I say go with the color of the year !! It’s the best way to go from envying to being enviable.
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Recently seen on some of the celebs made me look for emerald hued bags that would bring some pop of color to my outfits. 
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I looked for one from a clutch to a tote to a satchel to a mini sling bag like Miranda Kerr (BTW She is carrying a Bulgari shoulder bag) but it was bit of a struggle
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I began my search.. Unfortunately I couldn’t find too many options probably because it’s a bit early to look for them. Most of them were last year’s collection but are available through various sites and many were sold out. I am guessing many designers will be including it in their 2013 collection and we will see them post Marc. Till then I can share with you the ones i liked & found on the net. Some were pretty unaffordable but what the heck I could still tell u all what I liked.

Go Berserk

This one is a beautiful piece from Gucci that I am wishing someone rich would fall in love with me & then gift it to me ;-) Sigh!! It’s truly going bananas splurge.
Gucci 1970 Python Shoulder bag from their last year’s collection : $4100 or INR 2,25,000

Givenchy Antigonia Green Croc clutch : $1280 or INR 70,500

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle $895 or INR50,000

Longchamp green Roseau bucket bag $258 or INR14,200… It’s beautiful and currently sold out everywhere so I have left a request to notify when available.

Coach Legacy Duffle bag $380 or INR 21,000/-


LULU Buckled lady satchel : $18 OR INR 1000

LAVIE : $45 or 2500/-

I am sure we will have plenty of more options as we progress into 2013. As of now these were the only ones I could figure but I promise to get back with more on emerald green bags as my search is on.

Go Green!!

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