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Hi girls.. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had fun watching the India – Pakistan cricket match. It was a thriller.
Ah !Another work week starts and here we are, already waiting for the next weekend hahaha.
Anyway, here’s something to brighten up your day – Ta da….my post  :-) I know I am sounding ridiculously overconfident but I know that it does bring a smile on ur faces. C’mon don’t deny it :-)
Moving on I am thinking of doing a day to night Eye make up look for you. How does that sound??Before you scroll down, just wanted to tell you that I am looking for a professional photographer, till then please bear with me and make do with the pictures I have posted. I am totally in a mood to bully today :-)

Ok, since we did a workwear section last week ( which I know is not yet complete) I thought of doing an office wearable Eye make up for day and how easily it can be converted to a dramatic night look for going out for a couple of drinks with your work colleagues. I wear this look a lot and it really works for me. It will take you 2 – 3 minutes once you perfect it.

Day vs Night

It is a neutral look for day which is smoked up for the night and we are going to do it the NAKED way.. Oh no my dolls do not get any wild ideas I am just talking about Urban Decay’s NAKED Pallette. Phew!!
From the time this palette got launched, it has been selling like hot cakes. Maybe because it has most of the neutral shades you would require and all in one. You remember I did an earlier post on Neutral is the New casual in which I told you how IN the whole neutral look is. If you are still trying to figure out what all shades to buy for that look then look no further and pick up this palette.
It costs INR 4500/- and consists of 12 shades both matte & shimmery.

A closer look at the palette. It also comes with an Urban decay primer potion and Urban decay 24/7 eye pencil

Let me show you 2 very easy looks using this palette.

Look # 1 
It is similar to Kim’s look except for that she is wearing false lashes and has been photographed way better than me (Airbrushed too) hehe.

For the Day look

1.  Prime your eyes using primer potion. Mind u it has to be just a tiny dot on the eyes otherwise you will look like someone ready for an audition of Ghost.

2. Apply Toasted on the lids.
3. Buck in the crease to get that deeper eyes look

Day( Top ) / Night (bottom)

4. Hustle on the outer V very lightly ( u dont want it to be dark for the day and smaller V )
5. Virgin on the brow bone for a little highlight, also in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up
6. Apply the black or brown eye pencil on the upper lash line very close to the lids uptil 2/3rd of the lash line and the same pencil to the lower lash line uptil 1/3rd.
7. Smudge the lower lash line with Buck.
8. Apply Urban decay’s 24/7 eye pencil in gold ( called Lucky) in the waterline. You may apply black or brown depending on what you like. I have applied gold for a very subtle look.
9. Curl your lashes
10. Apply mascara and you are done

Change over to Night

Keep, 1, 2 , 3 the same
4. Apply Creep ( which is a shimmery black, shimmer is negligible) on the outer V (Bigger V this time) and while blending taper it down towards the inner corner.  This time apply hustle in the middle of the lid and blend it with creep.
5.  Remains the same
6. Use a black pencil this time on the upper and lower lash line and take it all the way in instead of stopping at 2/3rd or 1/3rd.
7.  Smudge the lower lashline with creep
8. Apply black eye pencil – “zero” in the upper and lower waterline
9 & 10 remain the same

I have used very little creep (black eye shadow), depending on how smoky u want keep adding.

Girls the trick to eye make up is blending. The more you blend in the right manner, the better the make up looks, otherwise it will look very harsh. If you are looking at how to apply the eye make up and what brushes to use please refer to my make up routine. Click here

If you are not into smoky eyes then here’s another one. Start after priming ur eyes
1. Side car on the lid

Dsy (Top)/ Night (bottom)

2. Buck on the crease and under eye
3. Virgin on the brow bone and inner corner
4. Brown eye pencil near the upper lash line
5. Smudge it with Dark horse
6. Brown pencil in the upper and lower waterline.
7. Curl ur lashes and apply mascar

Change over to Night
1. DarkHorse all over the lid
2. Virgin on the brow bone & inner corner
3. black pencil on the upper & lower lash line and smudge with creep
4. Black kohl inside the water line
5. curl ur lashes and apply mascara

So you see, how simple it is to achieve these looks. Similarly play around with more looks from this palette. It is very good for neutral eyes

For the rest of the face, moisturise, apply a very light foundation, conceal, maybe a blush if u wish to. Finish it off with nude lips and gloss.

If you are a die hard MAC fan, then look what I found : MAC substitutes for these colors :-) They are close but may not be the exact substitutes.

Hope I have been able to explain clearly
Girls try out these looks. The day looks are subtle and very wearable to work or anywhere else and the night ones are sexy. Depending on how dramatic you wanna go, black color and kohl needs to be played.

My Tip : If you want the outer corners to be even darker in the night draw an outline of outer V line with a black eye pencil and then smudge it inwards with a black eyeshadow. That way you will get a more smoked out look. But be sure to blend it properly till no harsh lines are visible.
Another tip that works for me, do the foundation & concealer after the eye make up especially with dark colors cos they tend to have a fall out which will spoil your face make up

Naked Palette is available in Sephora all over the world and in bombay you can contact TBB (The Beauty Bar). Whatever I need that is not available in India I ask them to procure for me.

PS : The trick is in blending so perfect the Art :-) Use the right brushes.

Have a beautiful week at work and stay fashionable always



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