Flat Feet!!

I have been nursing a foot ache for quite some time now. Just the other day I could feel the ache reaching the rest of my body and I had to cancel my movie plans which BTW never happens. I immediately blamed my excessive gymming (it definitely is not at all excessive) , took a break and booked a massage appointment to relax my tired muscles. I requested the masseur to pay extra attention to my distressed foot and tried to succumb to the pleasures of deeply invigorating Aroma Therapy massage. Unfortunately my foot was not in the same mood and because I had instructed the girl to give me an extra bit of rub there she took her job pretty seriously. Result – a very discomforting 15 minutes. I later learnt from her that my foot had swollen in one particular portion due to some nerve issue. Before she could tell me the reason for it which I was in no mood to hear I quickly thanked her and left the spa. As I recited my story to some of my friends, a quick judgment was passed by all and sundry – Blame the Heels. I was then asked to take life little easy in terms of fashion and do a de-tox of sorts.
“Do not wear heels for at least 15 days and see the difference. Say Whaaaaat ?!?!?! “
I HAD to pay heed to what they were saying. Well, wearing no heels for 15 days vs wearing NO heels at all!!! You do the math. I set out on a mission “Flat Feet for 15 days” more so in the hope to prove my friends wrong and still blame it on anything other than heels (maybe a fall, maybe degenerating bones, maybe less Calcium, maybe Age… Phew!!)
Now, I needed something that could bring relief to my tired soles. It so happened that during one of my trips to my favorite store I found these flat pair of shoes that felt so comfortable that I immediately picked them up. Very pleased with myself and high on my purchase I showed off my shoes to my brother and friends at home. Pat came a comment from my brother- how ugly are those, why would you buy them. The look on the faces of others were also not too encouraging. Obviously I was extremely disheartened but determined to prove that my purchase was one of the most sensible ones that I had done in a long long time. I asked them all to try it out one by one. Slowly and surely I could see them converting not entirely convinced but giving a slight nod of approval to my Ugly yet Awesome purchase. I went on to explain and shower my enlightened gyaan on them as to how these ugly Birkenstockish looking shoes are making it back into the fashion scene and how huge have they been on the Ramp this year. They are also known as “the Man-Dals” Now I know that they do not kind of 100% agree with me but since I was so adamant that they looked good and it is FUF giving it a nod of approval I think they bought the idea somewhere & my ugly flats were accepted in the family.
So am I giving up on heels?? NO WAY EVA.  I am a huge perpetrator of heels cos I feel that the right pair of heels can make a woman look sexier and appear more confident. It is also one of the key accessories that can make or break an outfit but owing to my recent injury I am discovering these new trends that could once a while come as a relief to your tired feet and you do require something comfortable which will help you to run your daily errands with ease. I have completed 10 days of my Flat Feet regimen. My foot ache is still there but as for my tired feet they are loving these cozy comfortable ugly yet stylish Man-Dals.
Leaving you with the “IT” – Flats of the season. Would you wear them???
Photo courtesy : Fashionvibe
Photo courtesy : Song of Style
Photo courtesy : Man Repeller
Photo courtesy : Sincerely Jules


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5 thoughts on “Flat Feet!!”

  1. If you can find something stylish that has a strap to grip the heel, it will considerably reduce the amount of force the front of your foot must absorb with each step. That still leaves plenty of fashionable shoes to pick from. Good luck!

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