Feels like Fall!!


Hey guys.. Is it just me or are you also feeling a slight nip in the air?? Since I am very good at creating my very own make – believe world I am not sure if its actually happening or is my mind playing tricks with me again. Whatever it is , the weather feels good and in my mind we are experiencing Fall. The days are getting shorter and the Sun is setting faster. We are almost at the end of the year & I have no clue how the whole year passed. And since we are in November, darker shades are the primary drivers in my wardrobe & also my make up.
I am loving the whole Bold lips look this year, makes a strong statement. So what are going to be my Fall favourites this year.. Well let’s see

1. Burgundy – lips, clothes, shoes, bags…the works I love that colour
2. Blush Pink – Fall 2016 color is gonna make way into the wardrobe
3. Thigh high boots – still looking for a sexy pair to satiate my fashion hungry senses
4. Bomber Jackets
5. Metallics – clothes, lips, eyes
6. Velvet
7. Tassled earrings – ooooh love them
8. Bold lips










The whole look : Zara
Pics : Dimple Rana

Happy Fall
Shonima Kaul

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