Feeding my music frenzy!!

Hey people.
Just thought of sharing my gift with you which I got a couple of days back. I have been wanting these for the longest possible time and finally I get my hands on them. These are the coolest looking headphones in the world - Beats by Dr Dre.

They are a recent addition to my fashion accessories. The price is a little hefty for a pair of headphones but what the heck, they are attractive, stylish and very modern looking with a slight bling factor.
Let me be honest I wanted them more for the way they look than anything but I have to admit that music does sound so much better in these. They are built in such a way that they block the outside sound completely and all u can hear is 100% music. Also they are so soft and comfortable against you ears with all that padding so you can easily wear them for an extended period of time. I have experienced some other over the head earphones and sometimes they do not sit properly or they just hurt against your ears that they can be pretty uncomfortable.For now, they have definitely replaced my previous favorite pair of headphones by B&O.

What I totally loved about them was the packaging of the product. It was actually fun to unbox the product


How cool is the packaging. It made me feel better about the pricing hahaha.
They provide a whole lot of shebang along with the headphones including a extension pin that can be used in the airplanes incase you plan to carry these on your trip somewhere which I totally will.

I love listening to music and I am totally in love with these headphones though I must admit that it isn’t convenient to carry them everywhere with you. Nevertheless I take them to the gym sometimes or for a jog.
So what is playing on your IPOD these days??

I have Part of me by Katy Perry, Glad you came by The Wanted, Boyfriend by Justin Beiber , Turn me on by Davd Guetta and Paani da rang from Vicky Donor as my recent additions.
Any suggestions??

Have a great weekend and keep reading FUF

Muchas Gracias y Hasta pronto

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