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Hello my lovely people.. I haven’t shared my pearls of wisdom for a very long time so got down to  FUFing something. You would have heard this a zillion times but it’s just my point of view. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts.
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I know I am this fashion blogger who apprises you of what’s the latest in fashion trends. What’s hot, what’s not. While I embrace quite a lot of trends myself, it’s most of the times difficult to comply with all. Mainly because what I see on models and lures me to try on looks downright stodgy & absolutely uninspiring on me. My countless trips to ZARA, MANGO in pursuit of finding that right pair of trousers or the right sheath dress that fits me like a dream turn out to be absolutely futile once the reality hits me in front of the mirror in the not so comfortable 3 walls and a curtain of the trial rooms (Ah! at least my secret is safe within them). At that particular instant I am so annoyed  that I swear myself off carbs for next few months (a momentary instinct that is absolute Bullshit) cos nothing and absolutely nothing fits me. Needless to say that I hit my gym with a new vengeance and new goal that sadly lasts for not more than 2 days and I am back to my usual workout routine. Those pair of  skinny leather pants with tucked in shirt that looked oh so cool on Miranda Kerr or Priyanka Chopra makes me scream in horror when I tuck my shirt inside cos yeah the battle of bulges takes over & my short torso doesn’t help me either. There goes one of the biggest trend of the season out of the window  - Leather pants !! Peplum the biggest & seemingly ubiquitous trend (one still sees some residuals of the same in some shelves ) yet dissuades me. So what is it with these fashion trends? How does one follow them or does one follow them at all??What happens when one doesn’t follow them?? Do fashion and style go hand in hand? 
Well, this can be quite debatable. Our fashion brigade, the so called flag bearers of style seem to follow these trends with √©lan and though we see their pictures and admire them and wish to emulate them, its actually tough to do so in real life. One because as a consumer of high street fashion, we are hugely deprived of the uniqueness of the style, beautiful cuts & quality of the fabric that is worn by these so called fashion brigade or celebs. It could therefore be challenging to take ideas and find similar styling in affordable range of clothing. Secondly we do not have designers and stylists vying for us to wear their designs and get styled/ coached by them. Thirdly, let’s be honest we come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We mere mortals have to figure it out for ourselves. So do Fashion trends matter at all ??
I personally feel that trends are very helpful to give you a general direction in which the fashion is moving. What one needs to derive out of them is up to oneself. There is absolutely no harm in knowing whether denim is in or not or what is the color of the season or when I go to buy a pair of jeans what all styles are available to check out from. It is just a valuable piece of information, some ideas that will help you to evolve your personal style. Fashion is a tool & trends are just newer technologies so it is entirely  your choice. If Mint green is the color of the season doesn’t mean that the age old Black or White is out. It just gives u an option to incorporate one more color in your wardrobe. That is what FUF does –  makes you aware of the trends to help you develop your style but can I teach you style?
Leads me to the bigger question – “What is Style?” Style is something you are born with. As you grow  you start developing & grooming it but eventually it is what you inherently are comfortable with. It could be relaxed, laid back, well groomed, classic, eclectic or quirky. It is a reflection of you. We have access to same kind of stuff from stores, it’s how we wear it that defines our style. Someone would like to wear a button down shirt buttoned up till the collar & sleeves rolled down while someone would wear the same shirt leaving top 2 buttons open and sleeves rolled up giving a glimpse of that stylish cuff you are wearing in your arm. Same shirt – 2 styles. While some like to tie their scarves around their neck, some tie it on their handbags.. Just a simple placement of a fashion accessory. Can this be taught ?? Is Simply telling someone that one article of clothing is way cooler than the other a lesson in style?
Though my own relationship with style is in its adolescence and is still evolving (I am yet to find my unique personal style) , I feel Style can definitely be inspired. One can take cues from their respective style icons or plethora of street style blogs (there are some really cool ones ) and figure out what works or does not work for them thus finding their own. A good style will evolve once you experiment with yourself perhaps with some inspiration from others but most importantly it transcends from within your ownself. What is most important is your confidence to carry something. If you are uncomfortable it will show. One has to embrace one’s body type and work accordingly. I know I can carry off shorts cos I am blessed with good legs but give me a bodycon dress to wear and see me perspire. What one needs to find is that uniquely distinguishable factor that sets you apart from the crowd and make you Stylish. It is imperative to understand your body which is the tricky part. Believe me I get it wrong all the time.  That will come only if you experiment till you have no more to experiment. Style itself can’t be taught cos it stems from basic foundation of personality, energy & confidence that one possess & one needs to figure out on their own. Fashion provides you with wherewithals & ideas that can help you achieve one. 
Whether you wish to follow trends or not is entirely up to you but don’t get disheartened about not being able to follow them cos in the end what matters is how Stylish you can be even if its in the most drabbest pair of jeans you are wearing yet inspiring someone to buy those drab pair of jeans. Now that my friend is “STYLE” & that I cannot teach but I hope to keep inspiring.

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