Fake them Fast.

Yaaayyy, its Friday again.. Suddenly we all feel so charged up as the week comes to an end. Time to catch up with friends or go out and partayyy. Ah! Life is beautiful on Fridays :-)
So what’s your plan for the evening??  I am sure whatever the plan is, the best part is to get dressed up and look your sexy best. But do you sometimes feel wary to put on all that layers of make up. How about going Au Natural.
It happens to me all the time. What do I do on such occasions? Well, the simplest way to look natural and yet glam it up are a pair of false eye lashes and loads of Mascara.
Many a men have fallen prey to girls batting a pair of beautiful eyelashes so its no surprise that they make a huge impact on your overall look and if you are not blessed with naturally beautiful and lengthy eyelashes, don’t loose your heart just fake it with a  pair of falsies and bat those lashes to capture a million hearts.
If you ever ask me about my Make Up essential, it will always be an eyelash curler and a Mascara. They are the best 2 weapons to give you that instant lift since you can’t wear false lashes all the time.
But for evenings if I am going out and am not in a mood for a heavy eye make up I always turn to my trusted eye lashes.
However, there are a few pointers which I have learnt from my experience and would like to share with you all.
1. Before buying a Mascara, be sure what do your lashes need. Do they need length or volume?? Trust me this is important cos many a times we pick up make up items without knowing what are they doing for us. Spend some time and get the right one like I always look for volume, that’s what I need.
My current favorites are l’oreal Voluminous & YSL Faux Cils Volume Effet


2. It is extremely essential to wipe off that Mascara before going to bed so do that with a good make up remover or it might cause some serious infection. Be especially careful with the waterproof ones cos they don’t come off when you wash your face. You definitely need a good make up remover.
3. When applying a Mascara. Take out the wand, always wipe off the excess and then apply the Mascara or it will cause clumping and you will not get a smooth application
4. For heaven’s sake never pump your Mascara. It will dry out because of all the air that will go inside.
5. If you are using false lashes take proper care of your falsies. Only then will you be able to use them 4   to 5 times. Do not use them for more than 4-5 times.
6. After taking them off soak them in a bowl of water with a drop of make up remover and Olive oil. Try to remove the glue from them. Rinse them lightly and store in the original packaging or some place clean so that they are ready to be used next time.
7. Always use high quality glue for sticking them. I would recommend nothing less than “DUO” glue stick. its the best. After all its your eyes.

8. I always curl my lashes and apply mascara before putting on the lashes. That way they remain clean.
If you aren’t used to applying falsies, it could be a pain. I have been using them for years now and it gets difficult  & messy when I am out of practice. You do require patience and practice to apply them. But trust me once you get used to these, they can be highly addictive.
There are a variety of these available  in the market. Depending on how much drama you want, choose the one appropriate for your style but always keep one natural pair that adds volume for those casual occasions. MAC, Inglot, Make Up for Ever have these. Sephora eyelashes are great too.
Ardell, Red Cherry and Revlon are some drugstore brands that you could try. Ardell is now available withTBB ( The Beauty Bar) in Mumbai
I have culled out a video of a MAC Make up expert on how to apply lashes. It is one of the best I came across so sharing it with all of you

Let me know if you tried these out

Have a great weekend & look sexxaayyy.


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