Those of you who have been following my Blog , more so my Instagram (cos its not possible to shoot with every look) would know that I love to experiment with different styles & looks. There is a constant endeavour to try out something new, well as much as my Body type and Age will allow me only because I am too afraid to be stereotyped. Precisely the reason I play a lot with with my hair, make up, Accessories and clothing styles.

The fear of being typecast is not just limited to how I look but flows into other spheres of my life and personal being. There are bazillion thoughts running through my mind at any point of time but of course not even a minuscule part of it is ever converted into action because I get stuck with my limited resources, skill sets & even capabilities which is such a shame.

I sometimes get overtly critical about things which probably stems from the fact that I am a Virgo and a true one at that which pushes me towards Self Doubt. “Should I?? , Can I??, What If???” my constant companions in my thinking process. However by some stroke of luck if some of the fleeting ideas manage to pass through these walls of self doubt I can see a smile on my face and even a little happy dance at my accomplishment. The joy stays for sometime but my self doubts and fear don’t give me too much time to savour the feeling. Sometimes I feel maybe they are Blessings in disguise else who knows I might slip into complacency and never Evolve!

I am so glad that chokers are trending these day. I am a complete sucker for them so picked up this one from Claire’s and styled it with this summery Maxi Dress from Label by Ritu Kumar. Yet another attempt to look different. Hope u guys like it.





Collage 2





Collage 1


Maxi Dress : Label by Ritu Kumar, Choker : Claire’s, Shoes : Steve Madden, Bag: Accessorize
Pics : Mrinmai Parab

Stay Beautiful

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