Dress for fun.

Don’t you think it gets a bit monotonous when it comes to work wear. Especially when you are working in a highly corporate environment where you have to be extremely formal. There is hardly any room to play. You can ofcourse try the skirts to change your look once in a while (Refer my post Hey Bootylicious.) The other way to have some fun and which I would surely do is wear dresses to work.

They look feminine and make you feel too. They can look equally formal  and make you exude same amount of confidence as you would have in your trouser and shirt look.

Why do we shy from wearing a dress to work
I know it is an office and obviously there is some code of conduct that needs to be followed so all you need to do is to keep certain things in mind and don’t go overboard.
Work dress is different from a dress that we wear to go out with friends or a casual sunday lunch or for drinks in the evening. These are meant to look formal and sophisticated.

Color Code
The white , black and grey are your safest bets but who says you cannot experiment with colors. Try any solid color but ensure that the cut is not very flimsy. Try a sheath dress or slightly flowy.

Length matters
It should just be touching the knees but if you are short (5’4″ or less) then wear it slightly above the knee. “Slightly” being the key word :-)

Do not get too comfortable
I know most of us do not have the figure to carry off a sheath dress so you can try a little loosely fitted one but please do not look like u shopped from the maternity section. It has happened with me :-( so I am asking you to be careful about the volume of your dress.
I thought I was wearing the coolest & most comfortable dress till someone asked me If I was expecting!! Out went the dress from my wardrobe.
It should not look like you are lounging around in your living room. After all its an office for heaven’s sake so look formal.
Look at the dress below, not very tight yet gives a shape to you.

or try a structured dress with a tie up. Helps to reign in the volume and feels comfortable

or try a Waist drop dress

Try giving a twist once in a while

Maybe you can try it on Fridays. Wear a shirt dress with a belt over it

Wear a shirt under a knitted dress or maybe wear a light knitted sweater over a collared dress. You could also try wearing detachable collars with your dress.

Wear a cardigan witha belt over it. Formal and chic and different

And if you still feel a little uncomfortable in  the dress and mind showing some curves, Thrown in a boyfriend blazer over your dress. It looks quite cool and also hides your bulges which made you uncomfortable.

On a Friday wear a floral dress with a blazer. Semi formal. What say??

Isn’t it fun. Do try this look next time and tell me how you feel about it. Leaving you with some choices

PS : Since I have been bombarding you all with my posts and thoughts for over a month now about fashion and trends, I would definitely like to hear from you girls so please feel free to comment and let me know your views. It will just help me to make the blog more interesting.
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Thank You & Happy Friday :-)

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