It’s funny how somethings just stay in your mind for good. You might have seen something somewhere and it just gets etched in your memory like forever. I had seen this DIOR dress on Olivia Palermo almost a year ago and since then have wanted to get something similar. I even thought of getting it stitched but then my laziness took over and like many other projects that go in my “never to see the light of the day” file this one too has been sitting pretty in that pile. But like they say Ask and you may Receive, I was beyond thrilled to find a somewhat beaten down version of it in Zara a few days back. Somebody should have captured the look on my face. It’s like a kid finding something in a candy store. I always get so excited with my shopping finds. I remember coming home and sharing it with my husband in my usual enthusiasm but I swear to God he had no clue what I am talking about and gave me another of those “Oh some more money down the drain” look. Ha! like it matters!!
Though its a far cry from the the beautiful DIOR but it does have some kind of resemblance to the original. Don’t you think so?? Anyway its my version of stealing Olivia’s look. Hope you like it.

Fashion week has started and I am excited to catch some shows. Hopefully should be able to capture some action on my Snapchat. Toodles till i see u again.












Dress : ZARA, Neckpiece : Curio Cottage, Shoes : Zara, Bag : LV, Sunglasses : Mont Blanc
Pics : Ushmi

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