Designing my own bag courtesy Toteteca Bagworks!

I very recently came to know about this concept of customizing your own bags which I think is quite cool. In India this bespoke concept in bags has been started by Toteteca Bagworks. An e – retail website which allows customers to design their own bags by picking almost every detail be it shape of the bag, colour, length of the handle or metal detailings. You could even personalize it by creating a monogram of your initials. Sexy na!!
I was recently offered to design my own bag by Toteteca and ofcourse I jumped at the opportunity. I had a lovely time doing that. Let me just take you through the whole experience:

Just sign in as a new user if you are a first timer

You will receive a mail from Toteca confirming you have been registered and now you can start with the process by selecting through a whole range of shapes that are available on the website. You could either pick up the bag just the way it is or design one as per your taste and aesthetics.

I selected this large piped tote as you all know my fascination with big bags

Once you press customise on the screen it throws a variety of options like the color of the body, color of handles and trims, Metal work detailing, Inside lining and Monogram option. I wanted a “FUF” monogram but unfortunately you are allowed only 2 initials so I had to make do with “SK”which was a bummer but other than that the whole process took not more than 15 minutes and voila my order has been placed.

You could visit Toteteca bags website for more details. They also explain the whole process of making the bag. The bags are very reasonably priced and you could even gift the whole experience to your friends. Will let you all know how the bag looks once it arrives. It will be my first ever bespoke bag. Till then eagerly waiting!

Photographs courtesy : Dhanika Choksi

Ciao for now


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