Dazzling DUBAI !!

Hey guys.. Past few days Facebook has been such a tease with people traveling all over the world and posting their pictures. I got so depressed that I decided to make a quick 4 day trip to Dubai. Yeah, not a good time to go cos the Sun is not at all merciful and the temperatures are soaring but Dubai is one of my favorite locations for a quick luxurious getaway. I have been there a number of times but it’s safe to say that everytime that city dazzles me with its ostentatious splendor. It’s amazing what has been created in that desert city. It offers you the best of shopping, the best of dining, the finest of living and great hospitality. 2 new places that I went to and totally recommend would be the BEACH strip at Jumeirah Beach Road & the Emaar Boulevard (especially at night). It will blow your mind off.
Since it was extremely hot we were confined to indoors all the time so couldn’t click much but here are a few pictures that I could manage from the trip. Hope you like them. There are a few more on my Instagram account incase you are interested. Enjoy!!


Hope you liked them

Have fun
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