Current Craving – A pair of Oxford flats

I must confess that I am not a girl whom you would catch in a pair of flats (except for my flip flops) but offlate I am working hard to break that mindset cos sometimes its easy to slip into a pair of flats and go on with your day. I started with flat boots last winter and I am slowly and steadily taking baby steps to add some flats for the summer. I am sounding like someone who is flat- phobic (for lack of a proper word) and in therapy hahaha.
Anyway coming back to my post, what has caught my attention these days are the Oxford shoes or the Brogues as some would call it.

To begin with, the difference between Oxfords and Brogues so that you could flaunt your knowledge next time sitting in a room surrounded with people who are less in the know ;-)
By its most basic definition, an oxford is just a men’s styled leather shoe that closes with laces. They are high vamped shoes that could be casual or dressy. They could be with perforation, two tones or cap toes.

Brogues are oxfords with brogue design detailing. “Broguing”refers to perforated patterns along the seams and outer layers of the shoe uppers. Brogues often have a distinctive “W” shape on the toe cap of the shoe. There is a difference between “a brogue” and “brogue detailing” (broguing). Brogues are oxfords with brogue detailing, but brogue detailing needn’t be restricted to the style of an oxford shoe. You’ll find loafers, boots and pumps with brogue detailing too. 
So next time you spot them you know what they are.
I spotted them first on Serena Van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl fame. Yeah girls Blake Lively it is. She has been seen in them since almost 2008. She had worn them a couple of times in the TV series and I noticed how chic they looked but then that was Blake. I was still not convinced about trying them.
Till I spotted them on none other than the trend setter Sarah Jessica Parker and knew that this style is there to stay. Although the style has been around but somehow this trend has caught on big time cos I see a lot of celebs wearing them. 

I am now seriously considering these as my next shoe purchase cos they kinda look cute with almost everything. Incase you are bored with your ballet flats, why not give this stylish pair a chance.

My Tip : Since it is more of a manly style, I suggest going more with a girly flirty look with your dress to cut the masculinity till you comfortable with the style. That’s what I intend to do.

They come in various colors and styles

Colored mono tones or 2 tones

Are you thinking what to wear them with, well there are plenty of options girls
Try more girly silhouettes
Team them with a short flowy skirt. Perfect look to beat the heat.
I love Olivia’s silver ones and she seems to love them too cos she wears them very often.

or with a short dress

Wear them with Rompers or Shorts

and you can wear them with cropped jeans, tights or jeans.

My Tip : If you not too comfortable and find them too masculine  and yet want to try these out go with single tone oxford shoes in black. They are not so in your face like brogues which could not be your taste cos there is something ugly about them like a pair of Uggs but once you like them you just like them. PS: I love Uggs :-))

A lot of people are obsessing over Olivia Palmero’s ZARA silver Oxfords. While they are not available at Zara currently, I found something similar while trying to find something for myself at Shopstyle  at $20 and they have more.

Some more

So look out for them. I have seen some cute ones at Charles & Kieth that I am contemplating. While I dream about them, you look for ones you want

Have a good day and don’t forget to catch up my special section tomorrow as FUF completes 100 days.

Have a wonderful day

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